Paradigm PDR-10 Warranty

I have a PDR-10 v.4 subwoofer that has stopped functioning. I opened the box and it is apparent that the amp circuit board has a few burned spots on it. I isolated the driver and hooked it up directly - it works fine.
My user manual states that it carries a 3 year warranty so I went down to my local dealer to enquire about a warranty repair. He informed me that only the driver carries a 3 year warranty and that the amp section is warranted for only one year " it's in the fine print" he says. Well, I went home and went through all my associated paperwork, I can find NOTHING that makes a distinction between the warranty period for the driver and amp section. Has anyone else had this experience? I think my dealer is wrong!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You can contact Paradigm directly. They are very responsive in my experience.

Go to their website and send them an email.

Good luck
I got curious and looked at the manual for your subwoofer on the Paradigm website -- which includes the warranty. There is absolutely nothing in the warranty statement about a one year warranty for the built-in amplifier. Jimmyrod is right that you should start by contacting Paradigm directly.

I would be grateful if you would post a follow-up letting us know what happens -- Speaking only for myself, I make it a policy not to purchase products from companies that I know have questionable warranty policies.

I contacted Paradigm and they verified that I was indeed correct about the warranty. In the meantime, my wife informed me that she had thrown out the receipt about a month earlier !!!
I went back to the dealer who sold me the sub and showed him the Email from Paradigm and informed him of the fact that I didn't have the receipt. He told me he would try to look through his files to see if he could come up with his copy. In the meantime I sent the amp module to a repair place and they told me it was completely fried.
If I really wanted to persue this I could go back to Paradigm and argue that the PDR-10 v.4 hasn't even been on the market for 3 years yet, but it isn't that great a sub anyway - I think it will go in the closet with all the other gear that some day I will have refurbished (some day).
I mostly listen to live concert DVD's/Blu-Rays and from the research I've been doing on subs, the consensus seems to be that a sealed sub will perform better musically than a ported one.
I just read a glowing review at Audioholics about the Emotiva Ultra 12 and it's within my price range (sub $500).
Does anyone have any experience with this unit?