Paradigm or B&W?

I am thinking of upgrading my speakers. I currently have a pair of Paradigm Studio 40, v.3. I use a Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated amp with the a3.2cd player. I am thinking of the Paradigm S4 or B&W Signature 805. My room is 18 x 12. I listened to the S4's with Macintosh amplification. They were a noticeable improvement above the Studio 40's. I am going to listen to the B&W's when I travel to Chicago in early April.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I first owned a Musical Fidelity A3 integrated amp and then upgraded to a A300 CR power amp and CD PRE 24 preamp/cd player. In the Musical Fidelity progression of integrated amps ... from the A300 to A3 to A3.2 ... the A3.2 is noticeably the brightest sounding of the three. I find that both the B&W's and the Paradigms can be bright sounding, so I would look to audition the speakers with a Musical Fidelity A3.2 amp and rule out a potentially too bright combination.

Regards, Rich
If you're serious about getting one or the other, then you really owe it to yourself to A/B them, too. I know there are plenty of places that carry both lines but just don't know if there are any near you. If nothing else, A/Bing sure helps reduce buyers remorse and the never-ending what-if's...

Can't comment on the brightness suggestion, for all the obvious reasons - but that sure is another thing to watch (or listen) for. If you can somehow A/B your prospective choices through a Musical Fidelity that would be a very good thing. And then, of course, there's that whole deal with how either will sound in your listening area. The best part is that you're not likely to go wrong w/ either choice - both are outstanding. Good luck!
Well, I hope you aren't planning on buying the sigs new, cause they don't make them anymore. I'm in the process of breaking in the new 805S which is supposed to compare to the sig. (I've had the sigs twice, so I'm fairly familiar with how they sound) I've also owned numerous pairs of paradigms. I have heard the S2, but not the S4. My choice, B&W all the way. On top of that, I've been using a Musical Fidelity A3 for quite a while now. I love the combo of B&W and MF. I don't find the combination bright at all.
Having owned many pairs of B&W's over the years, including N805sigs, I never found them bright. Revealing, yes, but never bright. However, for the last few years, I've been using a pair of B&W LM wall mounted monitors in my office. They've always had a slight edge or grainy sound to them. Granted, I'm using a computer as a source and there are no wall treatments in this room. I've never used any type of power conditioning in this room, so last week, I slipped a PS Audio UPC-200 into the system. WOW, what a difference. The edge is gone, the bass has more weight and the soundstage a lot wider and deeper. I'm also hearing more information (micro dynamics?). Now, the wife is bitching that I'm spending too much time on the computer. She keeps asking why I built a dedicated listening room. In fact, she's found me sleeping in front of the computer a few times. So, I guess I need to get over to the local office supply store to buy a new comfy chair. Do they make recling office chairs with castors?

I know I got a little of subject, but I needed an excuse to listen to a few more tracks...........
THat should say:

Do they make reclining office chairs with castors?
It has been a while but I have owned both, and high and low ends of spectrum. Paradign is good for price but I like B&W, especially the SUBs. ifferent enough that I agree that a/b test important.