Paradigm Monitor series vs Studio series

I'm very new to this hobby so I don't want to go full force quite yet.I just recently started looking at speakers and went and listened to some Paradigm Monitor 9's.The dealer told me they were the new series and sounded great.I did inform him it was for 2 channel listening only.A few days later, at a hime and garden show, the same dealer had some home theater set-ups.I waited for a slow period and went over to talk to the guy. It wasn't the same guy I had talked to already, and he had a different opinion.He told me the Monitor Series was basically designed for home theater, I should look at the Studio series.Due to room issues, I started looking at the Studio 20 and 40.My concern is bass, and if the Monitor series is not a good choice for 2 channel.Any advice is appreciated.
I own the studio 20's and 60's (vers. 2) and use them exclusively for home theater. They are quite good and better than many here would like to admit; however, I feel the metal tweeters used by Paradigm prevent them from being an optimal two channel speaker. With the wrong amp they could be quite fatiguing. If you are looking for a two channel only monitor, I would suggest starting with something used here on A'gon, such as Tylers, Merlin, Proac, Usher, Silverline, etc.
Welcome!Take your time and listen to as many speakers as you can before making a choice.Dont limit yourself to one brand.Monitor Audio also makes some very nice sounding speakers .Ask yourself what you want soundwise,how loud you listen,size of room,trust your ears,make sure speakers are compatible with your room and rest of your system.Try to alieviate any major room issues before blaming equipment,,,tackling your room early on will save you a ton of money!And have fun!Ray
I have to agree with Cruz123 ... I have owned 20's, 40's in v2 and v3 versions, the original Reference 100’s and Signature S4's and S2's. Right now I am running 40 v3, ADPs with a CC-570 center … soon to add 20 v3’s for a 7.1 setup on all Rotel power. This is all home theater – music is limited to 5.1 concerts and on-demand stuff. The Paradigm metal tweeters just don’t make the cut on 2 channel with the solid state amps I have tried. I have run them with Mark Levinson, Sunfire, Harmon Kardon, Nakamichi and classic Pioneer Spec – when I went with tubes they sounded much, much better (to me). Better how? Much less fatiguing … the tube amps seem to take the edge off the metal tweeter.

I can listen to tunes on my 5.1 setup – but when you switch to the little Aerials on a Mac 275 – It’s so much more enjoyable. If you haven’t already, try them with a tube amp. For the money they are a great buy but you have to learn how to tame them.

I ended up with Aerial acoustics in my two channel room. I wanted to get away from metal tweeters but I fell in love with the model 6’s ability to image. As for bass – stick with the 40’s 60’s or the 100’s. The 40’s will surprise you – even with Nickleback cranked up and the 40 seems to match up real well with a sub, I use a Seismic 12. The 100’s are flat dangerous. I personally like the v2 line the best but have gone with the v3’s in black for the WAF. I have seen more than a few posts slamming the Paradigm line but I can only say the power you drive them with is important. They are not Aerial 20t’s or Dynaudio Confidence C2’s but they don’t cost 20 grand. I think they are one of the best bang for the buck speakers around – especially used.
After looking at your system page I'd say your room will dictate what you can do and expect. As it looks like you will do your serious listening nearfield, a small pair of monitors should suffice. This is where I agree with Cruz123; find a pair of monitors with a fabric tweeter. I owned the Studio 60v.2 awhile back. When they were in my living room they were fine. When my system moved into a smaller dedicated room the metal tweeter was too harsh at close range.
As for getting deep bass in that room situation, a good sub is the probably answer. No need to rush though, look at some of the "system" pages here for ideas. You can learn from other's experiences and mistakes. Take your time and enjoy the journey.
One more thing, don't be afraid to buy used gear from Audiogon sellers with solid feedback. Some excellent bargains can be found.
I've got Studio 60v.3 , bi-wired , and have no shortage of bass. This is my two channel system. Oddly enough , the mid and woofer are on the same side of the crossover. If I connect just to the upper binding posts , all I get is the tweeter! So , bi-wiring brought a lot of LF extension and punch. My $.02
Thanks for all the responses.I hope to see some more.With my current speakers 1' from the wall, I am 7' from them.I have also been looking at some of the Totem line,used ones, and also B&W stuff.I figure I may try a small floorstander or monitor, and I will definitely look at the metal tweeter issue.I listen to mostly rock but have found recently I've enjoyed a lot of acoustical stuff.

Timrhu, I have looked at every pic on this site!I would love the Studio 60's but I literally would have them "in my face".I think I may try small monitors, (I will certainly look here), and add a sub if necessary.
I've got an all-Paradigm Studio setup in the den - mostly 5.1 HT (because it's the darned den and there isn't much sense in going to 7.x w/ the rear surrounds right next to your ears...). For whatever reasons I also now listen to 2-channel more often than not in there. I'm driving the 2 in front w/ Odyssey and have no problem w/ fatiguing nor harsh sound. Part of that may come from the fact that I do work now & then and don't have lots of hours for idle/critical listening, plus I don't exactly have 20-yr-old's ears anymore so maybe that's helping mask any harshness?

I'd also started out w/ Monitors in the den but "graduated" when I could (and passed then on to a worthy heir). They were good - but even these old ears really appreciate the Studio setup a whole lot more. I also got some extended time to A/B the Monitors vs. Studios and to me there was no comparison - but that's just me. Remember that what matters most in all this is how things sound to you, not what we say to justify our own current preferences.

If you're at all like the rest of the inmates here you'll go through this more than once in your life. About the only real advice I can offer is to get the best speakers you can for your overall budget. They're the only things that actually make the sound so that's where the majority of your investment should go.
You have received some very good advice about switching to soft dome tweeters ! I have been there and done that , I will probably never go back to metal .

If you are going to be in a nearfield situation try to find speakers that will give you the sound that you desire at low volumes . You should pay attention to the db. rating of the speaker and also the impedance curve .
If it sounds 'better' when you turn it up , it is probably not what you need for nearfield use !

You have not mentioned a price point , but if you are just starting out , I would keep it fairly inexspensive until you find what qualities you desire in the sound .
Given that , I would suggest some Soliloquy speakers .
I had the 6.2i's in a nearfield situation that worked nicely . They are a 2-way floorstander with silk dome tweeters . They may not be real resolving but do ok at low volumes . The company is out of buisness so they should be fairly cheap . I sold 2 pair for @ $700 with one speaker having small cabinet damage . They also made some standmount monitors as well . Really quite a lot of speaker for the money and a nice place to start .

Good luck .
I've been looking at small floorstanders mostly. If they have approximately the same footprint as a small monitor on a stand, why wouldn't I get the tower and get a little extra bass? I'm still trying to absorb all of this, and realize I need to look at the specs on my amp and try to match accordingly.
I have a Craver TFM 24 amp
225 wpc at 8 ohms
Response 20 hz-20,000
Signal to noise ratio 100 db
input sensitivity/impedance 115k ?
Can I drive 4 ohm speakers with this? I don't think so, but I'm not sure.
As far as budget, I'm looking at 1k-1.5k. Maybe a little more. With monitors, I'll need to consider stands as part of my budget.Cables also. Look at my pic under sprink in the "starting out" systems. Those copper cables in the back aren't going to a lamp.Those are my speaker cables!