Paradigm Monitor or Studio?

Any advice on which sound better? I can image the Studios do, but I have not heard them. Is the extra cost worth it?
Both are great value as far as speakers go. However, the studio is definitely worth the extra money. If you like the monitor sound, you will like the studio sound, I can almost guarantee it. Which model are you considering?
I am considering the Monitor 3s because they are ported in the front and I will need to put these in bookshelfs. I am nervous that the rear ported Studio 20 or 40 will not sound good in the bookshelf. Any advice on this? Also, between the Studio 20s and 40s, if I am going to use them for 50% HT/50% music, is there much difference in their sound? I will power them a Denon 3802 and also have Hsu subwoofer. Will I benifit from the exta size and cost of the Studio 40s? My room is 25' x 16'.
I auditioned both the studio 20s and the 40s before I decided on the 40s. In my 2 chanel system the 40s sounded much fuller in soundstage. Don't get me wrong... the 20s were very nice as well, but the 40s fit the bill for me. I found the 40s sounded best at least one foot from the wall, and better at 2 feet, so you have a valid concern for bookshelf mounting (I used mine on stands). Bottom line, your sub will help the 20s and they would be fine, but if the budget allows it, the 40s would be a nice step up. Good luck!
I own the Studio 40 as well, I can tell you from my experience that any speaker if kept on the bookshelf will not sound right, the studio's come on their own if kept away from the wall say 2 feet (as already mentioned in the thread by Mijknarf) AND on a sturdy stand. The studio 40 in my case is a complete speaker as I do not use a subwoofer, the 20's would not be ideal in my case. The bookshelf is not really the answer to either the monitor or the studio, as a matter of fact for any speakers. You must understand it would be a compromise.

The other speaker that I own (and would never part with are the Chartwell LS3/5A's which are sealed design unlike the Studio, even they demand a stand and being kept away from the back wall to really sound right.

I have done the review of the Studio 40 and you can check it out on this site if you like. If you have any questions later, I would be happy to help you out.
Bookshelf speakers DO NOT belong on bookshelves. You'll kill them. Go figure. They belong on the best stands you can afford. If you've got the $$ go for killer stands. You will change your monitors on down the road, but you might not have to change your stands. That is, of course, if you remain with monitor speakers. Stands are a fundemental extension of your speaker. See my system if you want to dabble with the idea of amazing stands. peace, warren
The Studio 40 are defenitely very good (actually, the studio line is very good).
Thanks for the advice. It looks like I am going to lose sound putting the speakers in the bookshelf. If I have to do this, should I save $$ and get the Monitor 3s or 5s? Also, If I mostly listend to bands like Widespread Panic and Grateful Dead which let their fans record the live shows, should I be worried about the Paradigms revealing too much of the shabby recordings? I've heard "garbage in, garbage out" If I listen to mostly audiance recorded cds, should I look at another brand? Thanks for the help.
Everyone on this thread seems to agree that Paradigm are excellent value so there is no need to look elsewhere. The studio line is certainly more revealing and also better in terms of overall sound spectrum. If you can afford it go for it, you certainly will not regret it. If by any chance you have the facility of home audition get both and compare them and listen to them with your own ears, if not give it a listen at the store you are buying from. take with you the music you like.

One thing I must add, I am not too sure of the speaker having rear ports put on the bookshelf (never tried them) therefore you may be better off with front ported type. But this is just based on my own understanding on how the rear ported ones behave. I have tried sealed design as well as front ported design on a bookshelf.

Good Luck
Given that you have a sub, the rear port may be less of an issue on the bookshelf. But as far as I know, Paradigm makes no bookshelf speakers with a front port. Are you sure about the Monitor 3s? (Maybe I'm just looking at an old catalogue, but I don't see a port in front.)

For a front port, you might try the PSB Image 2B or, if you can stretch your budget, the PSB Stratus Mini. Both are front-ported, and PSB tends to be a little more wall-friendly. PSB is generally as fine a manufacturer as Paradigm, so they're definitely worth a listen.
You didn't ask if the Paradigms are the best value. I believe you wanted to know between the two; which was better. There are oodles of speakers that are better than those babies. Redirect your post if you are interested in entertaining the idea of other speakers. Specify $$, as well. peace, warren
I was debating between the Monitor 5's and the Studio 40 v.2's. I was able to listen to both speakers with the same amp driving them. (I think this is important!) The 40's, without question sound better. I went with the 40's. If you have the money get the Studio's.