Paradigm Monitor 7s

I was just wondering if anybody has experience with these speakers. I have read on other forums that they are pretty good for the price(as long as your not exclusively into rock). Do they made a good fit for Analog?
Paradigm does not make a bad speaker. I have a friend who has a pair of these and they sound great, quite neutral and well engineered especially given the reasonable prices of all Paradigm products. Their R&D facilities along with manufacturing plant in Ontario, Canada is quite state of the art.
Had a pair for 2 years. Good starter speaker but not super refined.

Good resolution, well balanced. Not the last word in bass reproduction and I found the metal tweeter a bit edgy.

Move up to the Reference line of Paradigm if possible.

I use Monitor 7s in a surround system for movies. Monitor 5s for rear and CC-370. I originally tried the 7s in a 2 channel system. They sounded just okay considering their price. I think Entrope best describes them. If you do want Paradigms, I would look at the Reference series.
If a wanted to pair either speaker series with a receiver in the 500 dollar price range what would be the best fit?--Cheers
Before settling on the Paradigms, at the same price without moving into Paradigm Reference price territory, I'd look at fellow Canadian spkr mfr. PSB, especially the Image series. Even the $499/pr PSBs are smooth, balanced, and uncommonly linear in response.