Paradigm Monitor 7 vs. Energy Connoisseur C-5

Well, I keep "stepping up" as far as how much I want to spend on mains, and have narrowed it down to these two. I'll be driving them with a Denon 2803 in a 12' X 15' room with a 12' vaulted ceiling. My listening will be relegated to 85% home theater and 15% music. Which speaker do you feel is better (and why) in the $700 range?
Well, I have been through the same decision making process that you are in right now. For the last year I have heard every speaker in the $500 to $1200 price range and I had come down to the Paradigm monitor 7’s or Energy C5’s. I found a dealer here in Houston who had both, so I had a chance to hear them side-by-side. Needless to say I now own a stunning pair of monitor 7’s! I am not a complete expert on speaker technology but have a very discerning ear and can quickly hear subtle differences in their sound. I found the Paradigms had a much better sound overall, the low end was much more solid, the mids were similar to the C5’s in tone yet were more crisp and had a much more solid punch. But when it came to the highs, the Paradigms really outshined the C5’s. Listening to music or watching movies I was able to hear things I couldn’t with the C5’s. I felt that the Energy speakers were too neutral. I was replacing JBL speakers (known for their neutrality) and wanted something that would make a big difference in sound, something that would make my wife say “Wow”. The Paradigms did just that!
If you can listen to the two side-by-side you will understand what I am saying. I am VERY happy with my new speakers; they look great and sound awesome!
Again I am not an expert, I have however listened to a lot of speakers over the last year and I am very confident that I made the right choice.