Paradigm Monitor 5v2 - Studio 40 v3 - worth it?

I'm planning to upgrade my Monitor 5 V2 with premiere S-series stands & NAD c320BEE int. amp within the coming weeks, I am thinking of just making a step up the ladder to the studio 40s with a higher end NAD int amp also (c352/372).

Anyways, I am wondering what you guys think about the studio 40 v3s vs the monitor 5 v2s? Is the price difference worth it? And what do you recommend for amplification for a room about 15x20 in size.
The Studio line have always been quite a step up from the Monitor line. It would be worth it IMO. As for amplification, there are quite a lot of choices.
At one point I upgraded from Monitor 7's to Studio 60's. It was a certainly a worthwhile and significant upgrade. If you have the funds, go for it.
Great, for great response, I am going to demo the studio 40s shortly at my local dealer, I am still wondering about amplification, would the NAD C352 (80w per/ch) be enough? Or should I go with a pre amp + power amp combo? Only going to be using this for 2 ch music.
I made the move from the Monitors to the Studio series several years ago. I recently demo'd my v.1 Studio 60s versus the newer v.3 series. What a difference. Definitely go for the Studio v.3's.

I have driven the Studio 60's with an 85 watt Parasound amp and they sounded great. I think the NAD amp you are considering is an excellent product and you would have an awesome system. Now just add the Cambridge Azur 640C cd player and you have it made.

Good Luck
I have Monitor 5v4's and used to have Studio 40v1's. The Monitor 5v4 is nearly (but not quite) as good as my old Studio 40's. But I have recently auditioned the Studio 40v3 vs the Monitor 5v4 and the difference is significant. The Studio 40 is not worth twice the price but such is the life in audio, we frequently pay twice the price for incremental improvements. The new Studio 40 is considerably better than my old Studio 40's. If I had the money however I would not buy them. I love my Monitor 5's and when (yes I am an audiophile I do mean when not if)I replace them I will move past the Studio 40's straight up to ProAc. I might add that the Paradigm Signature series is simply stunning. I heard the S2 with good electronics and the sound was incredible.
I currently have the Studio 40 v.3. They sound very good for their price. As regards to the 80 wpc NAD amp you mentioned- that should work well. I was using a NAD 7174PE receiver (75 wpc) when I first got the 40's. My room size is about 14x 18. It was plenty of amplication. I since have moved the NAD to the basement with a pair of smaller Monitor Audio's and currently use a Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated with the 40's.
A few months ago I auditioned a pair of Paradigm's Signature series S4. They sound much better but are too costly for me at this time. I do not know what your price cap is. They are worth a listen.
I lied, I did buy them (Studio 40 v3)!

Lied about it? Why??!?!!

I have the 40v3's powered by a Denon 100 watt stereo reciever and I really think it doesnt begin to do those speakers justice.

I'm on the hunt myself for amplification......soooo many choices out there my head is spinning.

You could check out the Audio Analogue models which I thought sounded terrific with my 40 v2's. I had them connected to the Puccini SE Remote.
the denon pma 2000ivr integrated amp did just fine with my studio 60 v2's. you could get a good deal on the amp at ultimate electronics about now.
I have the Studio 40 v.3's. When I first got them I was using NAD amplification. They sounded good together. I upgraded from the Nad to a Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated and they sound considerably better.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys......appreciate it......Pat

I am not familiar with the sound of Denon 2000ivr, but I do have a stanby amp which is a Denon PMA-S10, picked up just last week for $250 in very good condition. The amp sounds great especially it surprised me with very tight bass.

I was able to drive a variety of speakers effortlessly, I am still in the midst of evaluating it and so far I drove four speakers with it, Kef Reference Two (4 Ohms), Rogers LS3/5a (11 Ohms), Chartwell LS3/5a (15 Ohms) and Energy XL-25 (8 Ohms. I was not able to find much info on it on the web. Is the 2000ivr in the same league as S10 I have? Can you share any info?

the pma 2000ivr ($1200) is based on the s10 ($5200) which is based on the s1 power amp ($20,000)i think it is a monoblock that would make it $40,000.
the 2000ivr is a powerfull yet musical amp on the warm side of neutral. the weak link is it's preamp section thus the reason i use the dodd audio preamp. you can check out what danny richie ( gr research) and gary dodd ( dodd audio) had to say on this combo at audio circle under north texas audio jam, dodd audio jam session.

Thanks for the info. Could you please guide me to the link?

quadophile, here is the link.

Thanks very much! :)