Paradigm mon7, PSB 7PT, Athena F2.2, or Polk Mon70

Looking for feedback on some local used speakers (the Athena's are new)
Paradigm mon7, PSB 7PT, Athena F2.2, or Polk Mon70

I have a new Denon AVR-987 and am looking at a few sets of floorstanding speakers that are for sale used in my area. All but the Athena's are used. The Athena's can be had NEW for around $450 w/shipping. The Paradigm, Polk, and PSBs are all used between $425 and $650 clams(probably negotiable).

I am planning on running the speakers as a stereo set up, gradually adding on the center, sub and surround over the next year or so. My interests are music 60-70% and HT 30-40%. The room is very small (10x13.5") and very carpeted and cluttered with couches and bookshelves. My music interests are mostly CD classic jazz and r&b from the 1950s and 60s. I also listen to some contemporary stuff.......some indie folk rock and hip hop.

I am relatively new to all of this and would love some feedback from the forum folks. I probably need to move quick on the used stuff so I appreciate any prompt replys, but all feedback is welcome.
I have the Paradigm Monitor 7 towers.They are great speakers but I don't think you have enough room for them.They also come in a little smaller "book shelf" size that might suit your room better.The sound these things put out for the price is great.