Paradigm Mini Monitors vs. B&W ?

I have had a chance to hear the mini monitors but not the B&W. I am wondering if anyone else has done side by side comparisons and noticed differences? Please let me know. I'm interested in the B&W 600,601, and 602, most likely Series 3.
I don't think there is much comparison. B&W is more open & less distorted. Relative to the 600s (and others) the minis lump all the sounds together and reluctantly spew them out. It may be a bit more subtle than that, but it's true. Besides the tweeters (both are bright) they are very different. Maybe you should take my comment with a grain of salt. I do not like anything Paradigm has made. Their house sound does not appeal. FWIW I have actually owned both brands and have A/B'd about every Paradigm/B&W speaker.
I've compared the Mini Monitor to the DM601 and the B&W won hands down. The DM601 has better bass extention, cleaner highs and an overall more natural sound. If you can afford to step up to the DM602 (series 2 or 3) you will be gald you did. It has a fuller sound and more open mids, the best speaker I have heard under $1200.
Let me 3rd that motion. All of of the above statements are pretty much right for practical purposes.I've SOLD BOTH, and have done extensive listening...the B&W 601's and above SMOKE the Paradigm similar stuff! contest
However, you may want to strongly check out the new Energy C3's that just came out. I heard them a couple of times briefly, and was mondo impressed! I can't comment on the bass as of yet, as they were stuck against the wall both times I heard em. But EVERYTHING else was just top calibur for the money!($499 retail). Heck, even the little C1's at $299/pr) sounded really good!..yet less bass overall.
Anyway, good luck
I haven't heard the Paradigm Minis, but do own B&W 602.5s driven by a NAD C350 in my basement system. I saw in another thread that you were considering this integrated and just wanted to let you know that it works great with the smaller B&W 600, 601, 602, or 602.5 speakers. Stick with the newer series 3 B&W models. Good luck.