Paradigm Matching ?

Hello all!
I upgraded my paradigm atoms to Mini Monotors & I love them But I am using the CC Cinema Center & CC Cinema 70s in the
rear ,also a Prd 8 sub.
I am a bit concerned with the center . Should I upgrade that also ? Can I stay with the CC Center ? If not should I go to the
CC-170 Or will I have to go to the CC-370 ?
I am also using a Technics SA-DX930 Reciver . Will thees speakers sound better with a better amp reciever ?
Thanks Antman~
Of Course the Cc370 would be the best match. There are usually a couple listed here on the "Gon" at decent savings. But, If your really on a tight budget I would shoot for no less than a cc270.

Good Luck
Thanks What should I expect to pay for a used cc-350 Or cc-250
Do a search here on the home page of You'll see what they're going for. I would guess for a V.2 cc-370 would be priced from the low $200.00's on up.

Note: The CC-350 is a really older model of the CC and don't know how it'll mate with you mini's. The CC-270 is a whole new CC(V.3) from my understanding and will probably not be list yet??

good luck
Thanks , My Mini Monitors are about 3 years old and they are first generation Not the V.2 or V.3 That is why I am looking for a CC-350 that is the one to match my MM
Thanks !