Paradigm Compact Monitor

I am eyeing a pair Paradigm Compact Monitors on (gasp!) Ebay. I know Paradigm entered the scene in the late 80's/early 90's with the Monitor series, but i cannot find any information on the internet concerning this particular model. Is assistance available out there from Audiogoners? Thanks.
I have some lit from the upgraded model that has the aluminum dome tweeter. Both speakers look the same except the tweeter.

Low freq. 40hz (DIN)
+/- 2db from 55hz-20khz.

Sensitivity-Room/Aniechoic 88db/85db.
Max. input power 80/100 watts
Impedance 8ohms/4ohms

3rd order electro/acoustic x-over at 2khz

Height 15.5
Width 8.5
Depth 12.0

Weight 44lbs per pair.

Good luck
I had a pair i purchased new (aluminum tweeter model)around 1994.I had them for about 4 years...and to this day they are the finest sounding speakers i've ever owned.I sold them to a co-worker and regretted it ever since.To my ear they had one of the finest mid-range i've heard.Really clean and somewhat lush sounding.Good with all types of music,but especially jazz,absolutely incredible for jazz.Many people who owned them believe they sounded much better then the current reference series,and i agree.the current reference series is fuller sounding,but it's mid range is not near as good.Hope this helps.