Paradigm cc470 or cc570 to copliment 60's v.3

I have a pair of Paradigm Studio 60's v3. I would like to add a center channel for home theater use. I do not have a local dealer so auditioning is out of the question.

Any recommendations on which way to go, cc470 or cc570? I do not have plans for a sub installation as of yet. Speakers flank a 41" screen with 7ft spacing and are driven by a Pioneer Elite receiver w/ 130w/channel.

Do a search. There a a thread just a couple of days ago on this.
I'd sooner go with another 60v3 or 40v3 or 20v3 if you can fit one beneath/above your screen.

go with the CC570 w/ the 60v3. I have the combo and its super!