Paradigm CC v2 to 570 V.3 any benefit

I'm thinking of upgrading my current Paradigm CC v2
to the Paradigm 470 or 570 V3. The fronts would remain as
60's v2. Would mixing v2 fronts with a v3 center be a
problem? Also, has anyone had experience with these two center speakers to advise if their is a reasonable
beneift to do this upgrade?

Thanks As always...

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I was running my CC-570 with a pair of Studio 40 v.2’s (before purchasing my Paradigm Signature S4’s) and felt that they integrated just fine. In fact the CC-570 sounded a lot better than the Studio CC v.2 it replaced. I had always felt that something was lacking with the Studio CC. It didn’t seem to project sounds as effortlessly as the 570 does. The 570 simply has wonderful upper-frequency energy helping establish superb dialog intelligibility without ever sounding harsh. It also has far better low-frequency extension producing deep thunderous explosions with ease. It is truly an amazing center channel speaker that has little if anything to find fault with. Maybe the size and weight for some. So in a nutshell YES, I feel that the CC-570 would match up with your Studio 60’s just fine producing superior results.