Paradigm CC v2 to 570 V.3 any benefit

I'm thinking of upgrading my current Paradigm CC v2
to the Paradigm 470 or 570 V3. The fronts would remain as
60's v2. Would mixing v2 fronts with a v3 center be a
problem? Also, has anyone had experience with these two center speakers to advise if their is a reasonable
beneift to do this upgrade?

Thanks As always...

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I was using Paradigm CC 450 and just recently upgraded to the CC 570 v3 in conjunction with my Reference Studio 100's This upgrade impressed me far beyond my expectation. My biggest disapointment with the 450 was the lack of clarity in the mid range area until I learned just what I was missing. I had tremendous difficulty making out female voices. Now with the 570 not only did I get tremendous clarity with femle voices but also far greater bass response, improved soundstage and tremendous detail across the board. Remember that when you are watching movies it is estimated that 60 to 70% of your sound is played through you center channel. I've been dealing with this upgrade bug for a couple of years now and only recently feel that my system is comparable to the system I originally auditioned my Paradigm's in. It takes a while. Enjoy!