Paradigm 90P or Studio 100,s

I currently own the 90P,V3 And I was wondering if the studio line wowld be too revealing of poor recordings ,You know compressed Bright Bad stuff but you love the Music type? ........THX Jim
no experience with 90p's but I would not think that that the studio 100's would qualify as "too revealing" in most cases. You are really getting into opinions here. I have a disk ripped with crap recordings and used this extensively before I bought my last speakers and I only recall the B&W CM9's as making me pause in that regard. Oh I really should say that some really good stuff really caught the bad recordings and made it obvious that things could be better. BTW I had no issue with electronics during this experiment with the exception of a Classe' CDP setup. It really hated home burns done on my PC.

the 100's are nice speakers and I suspect they would be just fine.
I suffered for many years with Paradigm Studio/60 v2 in very revealing system (Benchmark DAC1, Rowland 102). I even replaced aluminum dome tweeter with soft dome type (Morel Supreme) but could not integrate it properly. I ended up buying Hyperion HPS-938 that is not only much better in detail retrieval, soundstaging, dynamics etc. but also have very laid back relaxed sound with absolutely incredible midrange. Paradigms might be just fine in another setup but Hyperion is completely different league (some exotic technologies like speakers with no spiderweb suspension or 6 1/2" midrange with ferrofluid suspension).