Paradigm 60v5

 I have noticed Paradigm dealers are closing out there studio speakers and was thinking of getting a pair of 60s to replace my 20s as my front channel and moving the 20s for rear channel.  Would the 20s be a good fit over paradigms adp speakers? 
I actually preferred the 20's and a sub over the 60's.  The bigger driver in the 20's can play louder and stay more composed than the smaller drivers in the 60's.  Buy some good stands if you dont have some already, buy a good sub and then for your next speakers get Sig 2 V.3's! 
Thanks b_limo for your response.  The title is a bit miss leading and I apologize for that. Do you think the 20s could be used as rear channel speakers if mounted from the wall? I'm trying to reconfigure my system to 5.1 for the family to watch movies but also keep a decent two channel system for my music. I'm running a Marantz Sr 5005 for the center and rears and a pm 8004 for the mains and music. 
   I see that Paradigm dealers are phasing out their studio line and was thinking of picking up another set of speakers, be it the 60s or another set of 20s. 
  I'm also looking at adding a Rel sub for which I have started another thread. I can't seem to distinguish the difference between the T9 and S2 other thend the amps they use. They are both priced similarly. 
Roger that!  The 60's did have a larger soundstage so the 60's crossed over at 80 hz to a sub may actually be better than 20's ran full range with a sub...

As for using the 20's as rear speakers that is fine.  You'd want to mount them a bit higher though (maybe stands that are 28-32"?)

Do you have Adp's already?  If so, which version?  Do you have a center channel?
I do not have adp's but I do have a  cc490. I've been running 3.1 for awhile now and now I'm ready to expand to 5.1.
  My room is 13×15 with 9' ceilings so not large. I'm looking to improve my 2 channel experience while appealing to my movie loving extended family. 
  The adp's are hard to come by that is why I'm contimplating using the 20's for the rear channel and possibly going full range up front.