Paradigm 5se Mk1- Resale value?


I know these speakers probably aren't worth a lot but i have a pair of them I don't use and i'm trying to sell them. I was wondering if anyone on here has an idea of what they'd be worth, because i don't know how much i should be asking for them. thanks
It isnt right to ask us for the value, get the Audiogon Bluebook, thats what it is there for.
No bluebook required here! I am prepared to offer $20.00 including shipping to 55101 and all PayPal fees!!
I agree with Chadnliz. Support the site. If you don't want to do that then put them up for auction and let the buyers decide what they are worth.
I see Tinker's offer and raise it by a half a bag of skittles.

Paradigm gear seems to be coveted on a large internet auction website that shall remain nameless in this post.
I don't agree; They are worth MAX $200

Hello. I think they were around $400 new like over 12 years ago. Sorry to will probably get next to nothing (under $100). My advice is to just keep them and maybe incorporate them into a HT system, 7.1 channel perhaps?

A few years back I had a pair of Paradigm 9SE MKIIIs. I had two blown woofers and checked the blue book before replacing the woofers. I was shocked at how little they were worth. I see them sell for twice the blue book on ebay. If your looking for max that's the way to go.
If they were the MKIIIs I'd make you an offer, I always liked the MKIIIs. Good luck