Paradigm 5se bookshelf speakers w/stands

Are they monitor, full range or planars? Info needed for blue book estimate.

Thank you!
Full range!
They are really more of a bookshelf monitor than full range. Their on axis specs are 60hz to 20khz, so no deep bass.

I was a Paradigm dealer for many years back when Bill and his brother were out schlepping them from store to store to just get them heard. Great guys by the way and a wonderful speaker line for the money.

The 5SE was one of my favorites.

Bookshelf and Full Range in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

A small speaker (any bookshelf) cannot be full range and a full range speaker cannot be small.

Thanks everyone for the info, much appreciated.
M. Yokoyama
What should I sell these speakers for?  Perfect condition, with stands.  Bought in 12/89.

Thank you!