Paradigm 20’s v3


i have a pair of Paradigm 20’s v3 in near mint condition on J29 stands.

I’d like to sell them, but I’m not sure what they are worth.  The speakers have been powered by a 100 watt Sony receiver in a 3.1 system.  They have never been driven by an amp.  

I’m looking for advice on what market value is for the speakers and the stands.  

starman1, these are completed auctions on eBay for studio 20’s. All versions, sold, and unsold. If they're truly mint, and you have the boxes, etc., I'd ask at least $500, and sell the stands separately. They should bring another $250
Good luck,
i bought some Paradigm Studio 60v.3s off Craigslist last year for I think $250. I put $500 on them with no bites. Ended up taking $350. 
I own the Studio 10 v5's, which I replaced last year with Signature S6's. I'll keep the little ones, I'd just regret it if I sold them. I don't have any experience with earlier versions.