Paradigm 100 vs BW CM9 vs Aperion Verus vs KEFQ900

I am building a dedicated HT in basement (12 x 16). The more research I do, the more confused I get. I need some advice here. Movie/TV/Music % will be 60/20/20 approx. I have short listed Hsu VTF-15H Subwoofer ($ 1000). I am still on fence with the front three. I have shortlisted these.

Paradigm Studio 100 and CC690 - $4600
B&W CM9GB and BW CMC2 - $4250
Aperion Grand Verus trio - $2800
KEF Q900 and Q600c - Priced very similar to aperions

I have auditioned Paradigms and B&W but not at the same place/time. I liked them both. I have never heard Aperions but they have received glowing reviews. KEF dealer is atleast 200 miles away from where I live. Paradigms 100 on the other hand, despite mixed reviews, have a large and loyal following. I am ready to spend more if its worth it.

Thoughts?? Recommendations?? Especially from people who actually listened to these in a HT setup.
I listened to Paradigm studios (mid-$3K range) and B&W CM9's at one dealer, and was left unimpressed. Listened to PSB Imagine T2's at another dealer and loved them. Went back a few weeks later, after playing with my old Infinity's and adding a sub, and found the Imagine T2's to feel slightly veiled (almost like my ears were slightly plugged?), and the Synchrony's were in stock, so I listened to those. Very impressed, but didn't see $3500/5500 improvement over my Infinity. If I didn't have any speakers, the T2's would probably be it, although I'd aim for an in-home trial of both to decide. Paradigms and B&W left me cold, honestly.
I've got to chime in here about the paradigms since I have lived with them for quite some time now. I've found that you have to have a nice amp / pre amp / source / cables and speakers that are very well broken in and then they do sound great. Take any of those factors away and they really can leave you feeling cold about them. I disliked my various studio models 10's, 20's, 60's, back to 20's all v.5) more than I liked them until I got everything right, now I really am enjoying them. They do need a couple hundred hours break in time before the highs mellow out and it's easier to end up with an overly bright sound if everything in your system isn't just right, but once you get it right, you end up with a very detailed sound. I wouldn't be suprised if they got rated as one of the hardest speakers to set up properly, and that is a big nick against them, but once set-up properly, they do sound good. I'm sure one day i'll build another system that will sound great also but just in different ways.
If you're still in touch with Audiogon since this thread first appeared, I’ve found the CJ Classic Sixty amp(fitted with Valvo, Mullard and Amperex tubes) to be a very enjoyable match with the Kef Q900s.