Paradigm 100 v2 vs PSB goldi

Which of these two will play cleaner louder and still be refined in my 18'x 24' open ended room.
Aragon 8008B amp, Theta Dig. Front end.
Will add subs to aid from 40-50-hz down. I currently have Def Tech BP2000, but at louder volumes can sound strained/harsh and the built in subs run out of steam.(Also would like more refined sound then the def techs)
I own a pair of 100 v.2's that have been unused for quite some time. When I was searching for a new CD player I auditioned a few with PSB Golds as I think that sonically they are similar, and found the PSBs to have a smoother, more palatable midrange. I listened through Aragon equipment (can't remember which amp) to the PSBs ... good match. I believe the bass on both comparable, and agree that a sub can be used with either for smoother bass response. Also agree that the Def Tech can sound a little muddy at times, but I haven't done much auditioning of subs to offer an opinion.

If I did it over again, I would probably go for the PSB Golds. An acquaintance of mine owned the 100s, believe it was v.1s, before going on to the PSB Golds. He has since moved on to a higher end speaker.

One point that I would like to make, IMHO an open ended room of your size may be a bit much for either of these speakers. I might try and audition a few other speakers, preferably in your room, before settling on either. Best of luck.

My opinion, for what it's worth.
I've owned the Paradigm 100'sv2 as well as the PSB Goldi's and although my equipment has changed since I had both I have to say that the PSB Gold's mid range is wonderful, especially for the price. The bottom end seemed a more full on the PSB as opposed to the paradigm. However, the Paradigm had a slightly tighter bass kick than the PSB and really more of a neutral sound to offer. I used the Paradigms with a solid state system and the PSB goldi's with the same solid state system as well as my now tubed based system. As far as using them in a room your size, how much you get out of either of these speakers will depend on your sitting position and the acoustics of the room. Both speakers IMO should be able to handle that much space and if not you're going to have to kick out a lot of extra bucks to find a speaker that can.

My humble system:
PSB Goldi's on 2" concrete slabs
Bryston 3Bst - 2-channel
Sonic Frontiers Line -1
Acurus ACD-11 / modified MSB Link DAC3
Harmonic Technology Truth Links ITC's
DH Labs Q-10 Bi-wired speaker cable
Oh Yeah! Looking for a sub? Go to or and see what they are saying about SVS subs!! I'm talking tuned to 16HZ!!!!
The Stratus is an excellent cost performance alternative.
I have no experience with the Paradigm's you mention. As Martice pointed room accoustics are a major component specially in bass response. My room is close in dimensions to yours and is not a closed one i.e. have open ways to bedroom area and dining room. In spite of this I'm able to get good bass extension to 25 Hz not talking linear but there's response measured with SPL and test tone disc.
I also recommend you to play with room positioning of the speakers/listening position to get better bass response with any speaker since they might be sitting in a less than desirable room accoustic place. A few inches realy can modify bass quality.
The Golds continue to satisfy and bring up all improvements the tweaks I do up in the sound chain.

Martice are you using the standard spikes on the Golds?
Let me share with you this, I just bolted in Audio Points brass footers and the overall improvement is well worth the investment: resolution, detail, bass quality. For me there's no way back to the standard ones.....
Here's the recommendation Robert Maicks from Audiopoints suggested for the Golds:

"The Stratus Gold should use our 1.5AP-A Threaded Audio Point. It is a narrow body type with a 1/4"-20 thread that will screw into the existing holes on the Golds."

Sol did Robt from audio points recommend using 4 threaded
audio points for PSB Gold-i over 3 non threaded points used in triangle formation, which they seem to favor at their
web site? I may try some for my PSB Silver-i
Well I called Robert at audio points and he said he recommends using 4 threaded narrow 1.5" cones on the PSB
Gold/Silver stratus models. He said three cones works better
on electronic components. Also wanted me to try the sistrum
speaker stand which is even better than cones. Also said to tighten all cones so flange couples with speaker, and use spacers under points to level. BTW the cones are not cheap, @$20 each!
The Golds are a very good cost/performance option.
My room is similar in size to yours and have two open ways into the bedroom area and into dinning room. In spite of this I can get response down to 25 Hz measured with SPL and test tone CD.
As Martice suggested accoustics are a key player and maybe if you position yuor speakers in a better accoustic place in your room you might get better response, a few inches do make a difference.
The Golds still reveal every tweak I do up in the sound chain.

Martice I just tried brass spikes (Audio points type) instead of Golds stock spikes and the results are well worth the effort. Better definition, less smear and tighter bass. For me there's no way back to the stock ones.
Here's the exact recommendation provided by Robert Maicks from Audio Points:
The Stratus Gold should use our 1.5AP-A Threaded Audio Point. It is a narrow body type with a 1/4"-20 thread that will screw into the existing holes on the Golds.
Guys something is not working properly, just after I sent again the response note, my previous post appeared in my screen (didnĀ“t before)which led me to post again, my apologies.
Sam in my case I do have small kids and do favor having four contact points for the speakers than three and yes he mentioned 4 instead of 3...the stock spikes allow the cabinets to sway a little if pushed. Also he stressed the importance of having good direct contact between the spikes and the cabinets. Good Luck and enjoy
Well I ordered a set of PolyCrystal speaker spikes from cable Co. to replace the spikes on my PSB speakers. These
are brass with polycrystal coating, 1.75 tall, probably similar sounding to audiopoints, but I get a better price through Cable Co. The spikes that come stock are just 1/4 - 20 thread stock with a ground point and locking nut, must cost less than $1 for all 8.
Let us know about the spike change and your findings
Noticed you have DH Labs Q-10 and Goldi's. I have the Goldi's and am considering the Q-10 wire. What do you currently think of it?