Paradigm 100 v2 vs. 20 v5?

Hello All,

Would you trade in your Studio Ref 100 v2 for Studio Ref 20 v5? It's + $200 also.
No. Nope. No way.
And I actually have both. Back when, we had room for the 100s in the den and it was just worth it (got 'em used in a very special deal...). The 20s are also very special at what they do and I like them where they are but they are not 100s.

All that said, your decision is really up to you and your particular situation. But if I read that right - 100s + $200 - then I cannot imagine doing that deal (but that's probably just me).
Thanks Mr. Hosehead,

the wife wanted smaller speakers but she only stated this once last month. I love the 100 v2. A friend has the 100 v5 but I have not heard them.
If you want to make your 100's sound significantly better, you should try a pair of Spatial Audio's Velocity Bridges (VB1)with your Paradigms. I'm using them on a pair of S8's version 1 with stellar results. By far the best $200 I have ever spent on audio.
6 month,when you get a chance to listen to the 100s v5 please give us your impressions/comparison to the 100s v2.thanks in advance.