Paradigm 100 v1 vs 80 v2

I am looking to upgrade my mains and have been considering the studio series. I have heard that the tweeter upgrade from v1 to v2 was substantial. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the 80's in any version or the 100's in the version 1. I have listened to the 100 v2's and v3's and was sold on paradigms. When using for HT I will be using a CC350 for my center and Mini Monitor v3 for rears. Pre amp is Rotel rsp976, amp is Sony N9000es, and a Denon 2910 to finish up (for now). The 100 v1 and 80 v2's seem to be selling for about the same price. It's been about 25 years since I was seriously into audio equipment and I just started building a system again a few months ago. Anybody have an opinion?
The 100's were way better than the 80's in the version 1 series from what I remember hearing. I have had the original 100's since they came out and have had several more expensive speakers on trial that didn't beat them. I very recently brought home a pair of Martin Logan Aerius i's and am still making up my mind, though I find myself missing the 100's at times. I have not relieved myself of them yet. Hope that helps.
I remember the 80s getting a bad rep for all the models. So people went with the 60s instead, which IMO was the sweetspot.