Paradigm 100 v.2 /Sonus Faber Signum/ Martin logan

I was thinking of changing my speakers. I currently have the Magnepan 3.0's which were totally rebuild about 4 years ago. I was looking into the Paradigm Reference studio 100 V.2, the Sonus Faber Signum and the Martin Logan SL3's (all used).

Does anyone have an opionion as to which of these three speakers is the better speaker?

Can those Rather small Sonus Faber Signum's actually perform as well as Magnepan or Martin Logan? It seems impossible.
I have a strong opinion that the SL3 is quite superior to the 100, especially in resolution and easy to listen to delightfulness. Paradigms are more of a listening struggle. That's just my opinion, and you should know that I don't like Paradigm Studio speakers at all. Wish I have heard the Signums.
I own Signums. I have heard Maggy and ML at several occations (shows, dealers, etc.).
My general observation (which may be biased pretty much) is that Maggy and ML can't win in the mid and high area (I am a strict small classic listener). On the other hand, Signums can't win in the low freq area. My conclusion, which I am going to implement in the near future = get a quality sub (or two) for Signum.
Unfortunately, I haven't heard Paradigm.
I have two systems, one with the ML SL3s and a second system with the Signums. It's really difficult to say which is better, I enjoy them both. You need the stands to go with the Signums. The bass is not great on either system, but it's adequate for the music I listen to.
If I had to chose only one to keep, it would be the Signums... seems that I spend more time listening to them, and they still sound great when I'm not sitting in the sweet spot. I use the same GTA tube amps on both systems.

I bought the Signums from an audio store in So Cal, when I auditioned them they were initially hooked up to SS amps. When they were connected to a pair of used 40W Golden Tube Audio monoblocks, the Signums sounded beautiful (sold me on both the speakers and the amps) so I'd recommend auditioning them with good tube amps, and carefully placed in the room according to the instructions in the manual.

I think you would do very well with either, but you'd have to audition both to determine your personel preference. Ideally, both the Signums and the SL3 should be at least 2 feet from the side walls and 3 feet from the rear wall.
You need to demo the new Pardigm Studio 100 remodel and they sound great. they now use a 7in mid and 3 7in bass drivers...they're about 1in taller and 1in thinner...they've opened up a tad bit, not as bright and a lil more transparent
I will say that the Paradigm Studio 100v2 speakers are incredible at their price point and well beyond. They are speakers that need power though. I have had to upgrade amplifiers more than once to get enough power to drive them the way they want to be driven. Once you feed them the power, you do not need a sub at all. I have a REL Stadium III that I used to use in 2 channel listening, but once I got my Pass Labs X250 amp I unhooked the sub for 2ch and only use it for HT now. The Paradigm has a very flat response that allows you to hear everything from top to bottom. Some say they are bright, but I have found that it is not the speakers but system matching. The new reference and signature lines are on their way and the v2 speakers will be popping up for sale here shortly so some deals will be had. I have heard much more expensive speakers in my system and some have done certain things better, but in the end the studio 100v2s do so many things right that I upgrade my other components and cabling instead. A better preamp, cd player or amps make a bigger difference for the money. Just my opinion.