Paper Based Speaker Cone Question

I am considering a pair of Ohm Walsh speakers, likely the beta Super Sound Cylinders or the beta 3.3010s with the integral powered subwoofers. Ohm has indicated to me that the speaker cones are made from a paper based material. Should this concern me or not considering the pricing is around $5k to $6k / speaker pair? Can paper based speaker cones perform properly and have reasonable durability?  Are there other similar cost speakers with paper cones?


Paper can be superb.  I currently use paper cone ScanSpeak midwoofers.  They are a little high tech in that they use a multi-layer, composite resin construction but don't look down on paper cones.  In the Ohm designs I believe that they are needed to break up, deliberately.

Seventeen years ago when i horse traded for a pair of AER BD3 8" paper cone drivers to use in my Oris 150 horns I got a great deal on them.  I certainly couldn't afford to buy them new now since these 8" paper cone drivers list for $11,325.00 a pair plus shipping from Europe and import duties.  They sound wonderful.

Agree that paper and carbon fiber coated paper drivers are outstanding.

I prefer the paper ’sound’ in the midrange especially. Just more natural and organic for lack of a better term.

That said, the current Ohm speakers are sadly just not very good. Plastic/poly driver, diffuse and muffled sounding. Not high end in any area. None worth even $1K/pair. My opinion.

The old Model F was good for when/what it was (given appropriate power), Dale Harder’s HHR speakers are a good updated omnidirectional design as are German Physiks.


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