Paolo Conte-recommendations.

Just heard this guy's music used as a backing track to a film-what a rich voice,is he French or Italian?
Can anybody recommend his better cd's for me to purchase.Thanks
What a great voice! He is Italian (a former lawyer from Asti). I have his "best-of" album that has quite a large number of his songs. Great disc! No doubt the cut you heard on a soundtrack was "Boogie" as it is on several soundtracks (two come to mind: The German film "Mostly Martha" [GREAT film], and it is repeated through the film "A Couch in New York" [not a very good film]). The rest of his tunes are just as engaging and I love the best-of album which is on Elektra/Asylum. Plenty more albums to choose from though. Many are imports. Best of is a good place to start.
There are two essential CD's of his music here in the USA. Both are compliations. They are:
Both are on the Nonesuch label. "REVERIES", by the way, was just released this month. If you can only afford one then get BEST OF...
Nice to know other people are discovering Paolo Conte. I have been listening to his stuff for years, off and on. My favourite is the album "Come Di". I also like "Aguaplano" and the one simply entitled "Paolo Conte". I recently saw,out of the corner of my eye, at HMV that he has a new one out. I just might go out and buy it. Enjoy. My favourite tune: "Gelato al limon", for no particular reason.