panny 60u vs. 600u

The sales people all say that the difference between these 2 sets is not just in features, but that it has a "better video processor." I haven't been able to see them side by side with the same content, so I can't really tell. I will be hooking up sound through the stereo system, and using an external decoder from Dish Network, so I don't think I need any of the other features. Is the picture really better on the 600? It's quite a bit more $. Thanks. -Dave

The difference is

1) Computer input
2) Cable Card
3) PIP

The panel is the same, anasonic will verify that fr you if you wish.
What's a Panny?
Why not call it Panasonic?
Rwwear....its like calling Magnepan, maggies.
I thought the 600 had larger speakers and thus stuck out farther from the wall, a negative for me.

I have not seen the 600U, but I am unimpressed with the jagged razoring along image edges that I saw on the 60U during fast motion sequences. A BB/Magnolia salesman told me that the 600U has a better video processor and that the 60U actually was a step backward from the 50U in terms of video processing.
Jaggies are often due to a DVD player moreso than a display. No diea what the source was in your viewing however.
Rwwear....its like calling Magnepan, maggies.

Oh! I see. How cutesey.
Dbw1 - I am fairly certain that these displays have the EXACT same video processing.

The one addition to Kenny's list of the "differences" is: cosmetics.

I think the 600U looks a LOT nicer with the black border instead of all grey - but that's just me. I spent the extra dough for the VGA computer port and the improved styling (to my taste of course)

Dgarretson - I wouldn't take anything someone who works at BB says seriously. Even Tweeter generalyl has a lot more knowledgable salespeople, but a more specialized shop is ideal. Regarding the whatever problem with the display you noticed at BB - rest assured that it is some combination of improper setup (settings) + poor source hardware/software.

The image processing in both the 60U and 600U is actually pretty decent... but add a DVDO scaler for improved SD deinterlacing if SD quality is important to you.
Goatwuss, Thanks for your positive assessment of the 60U. Every time I get ready to buy a plasma I am driven from the store by the lousy setups on display. Then I go spend the money on some more 2CH audio gear...
I'm also looking at the 60U. The price is right (@$1300 at some online vendors with good ratings).

Is it still a wise decision to also purchase the after market warantees when buying a plasma? Do the newer plasma's still suffer from issues that will need warantee work within 2 years?

Or is it worth it to buy from a local store (@$300-500 more) where you can bring it back easily if/when something goes wrong.

We've all been burned at one time or another by return policies (e.g. high restocking fees, buyer pays all freight, claims that it was never received, etc.). I only wish Costco carried this model.