panlar or dynamic headphones?

which Should I get? I'm thinking that I should be getting panlar because I don't care for the size , I'm new to this, can anyone tell me why amps have 2 sets of RCAs? obviously one is for the DAC 
What is a panlar?

And as for the connections, at least try to look up the manual online.

Otherwise, be specific.

I think that was supposed to be "planar".  You have a connection for an incoming source and another one for an out to your preamp, receiver, etc.  Sometimes more than one input, sometimes an XLR connection(s) or both RCA and XLR.

You should get what sounds best, fits your budget, and meets your listening needs (on the go, at home, with other people around, etc.).

More information would be helpful in getting recommendations.
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Jump on both asap!!