Pangea interconnects?

Anyone on here have the Pangea Premier interconnect cables? I was wondering how they compare with other cables in $200 or so price range. I have the Pangea power cords which are quite good.

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No experience with their interconnects, but their power cords sucked the life out of my system.
All cables are a crap shoot they all interact differently and the room acoustics play a bigger role. Having said that the Pangea I tried for the funny of it was every clean and fast sounding. Power cords 9SEii are quite good, takes some burn in. For the Money though I think Signal Cables are a lot better.
Pangea! Audio Advisor sells Pangea by the Ton! Own a bunch of their cables and for the money they are excellent! HDMI cables are amazing for money! Got some 9 gauge amp power cables that look like trans Atlantic phone cables! Kicker is! They work!