Pangea Ethernet Cables

I am using Pangea HDMI and toslink cables already, dropping the ethernet cable in the chain was shocking. Best $25 I ever spent. Sounds almost like I upgraded a DAC or my HT processor. Try it and see what you think. I think the KEY for this effect was to have the same Pangea brand in the entire digital chain, ethernet/digital IC/HDMI.


Thanks for the tip on the Pangea Ethernet cable.  I just purchased the exact same cable in a 2 meter length from AA, it should arrive Monday.  I am going to use it between my desktop computer and router.  I didn’t buy the cable for the sound per say, but for the better connectors.  I unplug my cable from the router when I am not online but still using the computer.  Why you may ask, it is because I was hacked, not once but twice.  It’s for peace of mind.  I have gone through 3 cables already this year so I am hoping this one will last the constant plugging and unplugging.  Only time will tell🙂

I bought it to see if ethernet makes a difference in audio. I have a coax cable ($1000) a toslink cable (about $70) and I didn't know what to expect for $25, very pleasant surprise. You will like the construction, the connectors and the jacket. Much better!

@stereo5 see if there’s an option in your router settings to block and unblock a device. May be easier on the cable, connectors and you to cut the device out of network in settings rather than physically disconnecting the cable all the time…

@audphile1 ,  I bought a simple internet cut off switch.  It goes between the router and my desktop computer.  Push it in for internet and out for off.  It closes all 8 pins in the cable and works great.  Best $21.00 I ever spent including the shipping.  Found it on Amazon.