I'm looking to dabble a bit more with power cables and am looking at upgrading from my $35 Waudio power cable (Red 3.3 ft 10 AWG) and am leaning towards the $99 Pangea Audio AC 14SE MKII Signature power cable (1.5 meter) for use on my Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2 DAC with WE396A tube and Sparkos Labs op amps.

The Waudio power cable made a nice improvement for my Pathos Classic One MkIII, but I didn't really notice anything different with one on my DAC.  My plan is to repurpose the Waudio power cable to my Integra receiver.

What other power cords would be worth considering in a similar price range for a DAC?


Even though I believe power cords have NO effect upon SQ I bought that same $99 Pangea to use on my Electron Kinectics Eagle 2 amp. It does look nice! Audio jewelry! I leave all the captive AC cords on my electronics alone.

@mceljo - take a look at Zavfino cables - their entry level products are very good, but if the budget can stretch a little fiuther, their OCC cables are excelent performers on any component

Their interconnect and speaker cables are also excellent value 

Here's what other members think

Regards - Steve

I'm going through a similar process right now as I need a power cord for a new phono preamp. I've currently got a Shunyata Venom power cord on a Denafrips Pontus II DAC and have previously listened to the following power cords: I might use the Shunyata power cord on the phono preamp if I find something else that works well on my DAC, use the new power cord on the phono preamp, or just buy a second Shunyata power cord.

Tripp-Lite Heavy Duty: $15
Shunyata Venom V14: $135
Audience F3 Forte: $150
Synergistic Research UEF Blue: $499
Audiophile AC Power Cable - WAudio 10AWG HiFi Power Cord 3.3FT 
Pangea AC-14

In the $100-150 price range, I think the Shunyata Venom is good, but your experience might vary depending on the DAC you're using it with. I've not tried an AC-14 SE yet but that's on my list to try next along with the Audioquest power cords in the same price range.

Pangea Audio AC-14XL MkII Power Cable with Cardas Copper-Audio Advisor

I was able to get this cable for $129 about 2 months ago. It was in a mail out book from AA. I asked 2 times about the price as it was in red and they honored it. ($179 normally)

I replaced the factory cable (it was a nice heavy cable for factory) on my CDT6000 Audiolab Transport. Right at the git go I did notice some differences, but that could be because it was just a different cable. I have given it time and can say there were positive differences that were pleasing.

I just replaced both power cables to my amplifiers. I went with Maze Audio out of Colorado. Both under $200 total. I will not pay $1000+ for any power cable. Bang for Buck??? I have 4 dedicated ac lines to my setup with one for each amplifier. I replaced 2 Transparent Audio Powerline Plus power cords. They have been in service for about 15 hours now. I have noticed considerable improvement in detail that I could hear before but are now more pronounced with vocals more separated. They are 10gauge cable with Krell Cryo plugs. I am cheap and I know it....don’t bother me. I also believe I get some damn good sound from my system. VTL300 with Maggie 3.7s based. Both cable changes were an improvement of satisfaction. When I upgrade my DAC I will get a Pangea cable or possibly another Maze Audio cable. I don’t believe a DAC needs 10 gauge or larger cable like an amp. 14 or 12gauge should be more than enough. The Pangea has the grip at equipment and wall they claim. Maze cords are very well made, also.

Not to argue with JB52 but I have experienced 1st hand that cables do make a difference. I did an upgrade to all Audio Art cables for IC/Digital/Speaker/jumpers with a definite SQ improvement. Again, I am cheap and went with middle of the line cables. Still Best Bang for the Buck rules my decisions. I can say I do know what natural instruments and electric effectors sound like from being a musician. I listen to a lot of different music. I am not the ultimate expert but really? who is? I have protected my hearing standing next to speakers at concerts to feel the music when I was younger as an example, etc. I like hearing! I love the sounds of nature outside my window....from the quiet drone of the hummingbird's wings to even the cricket's farting. ha!

@rickdoesaudio - Since you like Audio Art's IC/digital/speaker cables you might consider trying their power cables. I started out with their entry power cables several years ago and found them to be better than other cables I had tried within their relative price range. I gradually moved up the line and have Statement e2 Cryo, Power1 ePlus Cryo power cables in my main system; and Power 1SEs in my 2nd system.


I would love to go with either of these but I barely have that in all of my AA cables combined. (Statement E2 cables) They break the "never spend $1,000+ for a power cord rule." I am extremely satisfied with where I am at. The system is awesome (IMHO) My next upgrade wish is to move into an R2R Aries II DAC. I consider where I am in my audio world is the "6 feet under system" When death do us part............Now if they are up for a borrow?! :-) and I love your system bro

Having been down this power cable road for a while now, I have had an evolving opinion as to how much is worthwhile to spend to get the optimal power handling and SQ benefits. So having prefaced my recommendations I would recommend any of the following:

1. The top of the line Pangea power cables, especially for amps. Their top of the line cable comes with one of the largest gauges of conductor that is out there at a reasonable price. Plus it has presumably good quality Cardas copper. 
2. Shunyata Venom

3. No disagreement with Zavfino. 
4. DH Labs PowerPlus. 
I am sure there are others. 

No arguments with any of the previously stated choices:

Just done with about a 2hr. listen. The new "cheap" Maze Audio power cables are the auditioned critique of my listening. I started with Stanley Clarke "I Wanna Play for You". I threw in Steely Dan "Can’t Buy a Thrill" (I have not listened to this for a long time so I cannot make a statement. It did sound good to listen to) Next, I put on Eric Johnson "Venus Isle". I finished with Eagles Hell Freezes Over for "Hotel California".
There were a couple of tunes I listened to in between, but don’t need to go into.
Stanley Clarke is my go to bass review CD. Since the amplifier cables are the only change, I can give observations as to improvements or not. There is a tremendous amount of new definition and punch. Bass is merely more there in presence. There is the background bass and then there is the up front bass when Stanley solos. The background bass is stronger, more defined, and the solo bass parts are amazing. There is all the other instruments/vocals going on and none suffer. They, too, are just more defined and individualized.
Next is "Song for Lynette" by Eric Johnson. Nylon string guitar and piano as the main instruments I critique. Again, there is an air of individuality and space around them. The rest of the music shines, I am just not stating any other observation. No complaints, though.
Eagles. I have the K2-HD mastering. It was Hotel California on the radio I always liked because of the nylon string guitar. I just feel this is the best rendition of this song. It is nothing less than me being in the hall as I listen and I love the guitar work. Great separation and definition. Don Henley vocal is excellent and the kick drum is superb. The rest of the performance is excellent, too.
I have not listened to a lot of cables and can easily say I am sure there would be improvements (with many other cables) from what all of you say about the experiments you are doing. I will give credit to improvements I observe on these low $$ cables I have put into my system. Maybe the more a cable cost does not equate to better bang for the buck is all I am saying at this time.
I probably have a very low $$ system compared to many of you. Some of you have more in your amp cables that I have in my complete system. Doesn’t make me jealous. For the dollar spent I have put together one very good system. Again, I am cheap. Maybe in the future I’ll do a cable upgrade, but for now cheap sounds pretty damn good tonight....just like last night....and the night before. As these power cables break in I feel they will only get better. My amp tubes now have about 300 hours on them. The other ICs/cables about 200. The Pangea 14XL MKII cable about 50 hours. the Maze Audio power cables may have 20 hours tops.
Long story and probably boring. Just wanted to put in 2 bucks instead of 2 cents tonight. Thought I would splurge! Not all shows cost a weeks pay or more to get in the door.

alt4love - +1 on Morrow Audio, I have their mid priced power cable for my NAD integrated and their top of the line (of 2 types last I looked!) speaker cables in a bi-wire configuration.  I got the power cable first and immediately noticed a positive difference, that got better the more I used it.  Then I tried the speaker cables, replacing Analysis’s low priced version, and also heard a noticeable, positive difference.  For the relatively low cost you get sturdy construction and, for me, an improvement in sound.  YMMV, but it’s yours to try for 30 days.

@rickdoesaudio - Just for clarification I was suggesting the entry level base AA cable as a possible option in the price range you want to stay in. I mentioned the Statement simply to reflect my satisfaction with AA power cables. In any event, enjoy the music  your system makes with whatever cables you use as that is what it is all about😀


Yes I understood your suggestion about Audio Art Cables. I agree completely.

I appreciate your input as well as that from many others and the options offered.

As my 1st power cable change in many years, I thought maybe there were overlooked cables. I could return the Maze Audio if I were not happy with them, also. Simple observations. I feel many cables are so overpriced. As I am on the low end of audio investment (though I believe I have purchased some better accolated vintage gear as in the VTL amps) I am trying to acquire better sound quality on a low $$ budget. I unfortunately find myself a critical listener, but towards the source of the recordings instead of the equipment. I hope other low budget audiophiles can get something from my observations. If the $90 power cable from Maze gave such an improvement, then maybe their higher $$ power cable could be a good investment, too. (I do not have any affiliation with Maze Audio. I see them on ebay and I checked out their site. I even watched some Duffus talk about them on YouTube....turned me off more than helped in a decision) I thought about the Pangea SE9 cables at 3-4 times the price, also. The AA power cable I would have wanted to start with was just too much for me as I needed 2 cables.

I very much agree with you (facten) that IT IS ALL ABOUT THE ENJOYMENT OF THE MUSIC! Right on the nail, my friend.

Simple observation in a simple setup may result in simply better sound.

I will end my observation on that simple note. Thanks for reading.

When I decided to dabble in this pool, I started with a few of the Pangeas. I then added a few PS Audio AC-3s, Then a few Cullen Cables and lastly a Shunyata PC.

I would say for anyone unsure, or who just wants a better cord for a reasonable price, the Pangeas from AA with Money Back Guarantee is the 1st good option.

I had a hard time dealing with Maze and Cullen was a pleasure to deal with.

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I’ve been happy with my Cullen Cables. Started with just the amp. My girlfriend noticed immediately, and doesn’t pay all that much attention to audio. I then bought  cables for my preamp and streamer. They’re right at your price point, and very easy to work with. 

I now have 3 Cullen Crossover PCs and a C7 for my Bluesound Node. I'll be ordering one more Crossover ($190 for 5ft). I've replaced my Audience, PS Audio and Pangea PCs.

I use 2 Furutech PC's, amazing. Cullen Crossovers are different but are giant killers, as they say.

I am leaning towards Cullen Avius if I go new, but I may have an opportunity to get a used Pangea AC-14XL.