Pangea AC outlets

Anybody tried or using these?  Any feedback?
My feedback is to not waste money on things that are unlikely to work, and put that money into something important, like room treatments.
Don'ty know about their AC outlets, but I tried a pair of their AC-9 power cords on my GE Triton Ones.  They sucked all the life out of the system so back they went.


Be careful, AA will ban you like they did me for sending back twice items during there 30 day money back guarantee period. Sadly, one of the items was defective. Joe said I wasted the salesmen time.

I use 2 of them and they were certainly an improvement over the stock power cords, especially in bass frequencies and silence.

That said, when I a Cerious Technologies power cord for my amp, I saw the difference between good and better. The Pangea is a very nice quality product for a very fair price.  

Give the Pass and Seymour MRI  grade with Cryo treatment from Take Five Audio a try.

They clamp like a vice and put many high priced outlets to shame

I use them in the wall outlets and in my power distribution box