Pangea AC outlets

Anybody tried or using these?  Any feedback?
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My feedback is to not waste money on things that are unlikely to work, and put that money into something important, like room treatments.
Don'ty know about their AC outlets, but I tried a pair of their AC-9 power cords on my GE Triton Ones.  They sucked all the life out of the system so back they went.


Be careful, AA will ban you like they did me for sending back twice items during there 30 day money back guarantee period. Sadly, one of the items was defective. Joe said I wasted the salesmen time.

I use 2 of them and they were certainly an improvement over the stock power cords, especially in bass frequencies and silence.

That said, when I a Cerious Technologies power cord for my amp, I saw the difference between good and better. The Pangea is a very nice quality product for a very fair price.  

Give the Pass and Seymour MRI  grade with Cryo treatment from Take Five Audio a try.

They clamp like a vice and put many high priced outlets to shame

I use them in the wall outlets and in my power distribution box

I use their $20 Copper phosphor bronze outlet and treat the power cord with 
the best protectant enhancer out there Stabilant-22 on every part of the outlet
blades and IEC input ,and every connection after cleaning with high quality
isopropyl alcohol 99% preferred  protection lasts for over 12 years if you don’t remove plugs ,rcas  tip of the day , and btw excellent outlets thst make a sonic improvement and grip very well.
Look at Furutech with is one of the best Pangea is a cheap joke.
It is always exciting that an Audiogonner will experiment and try an improved wall outlet. They do make a difference and it is worth the effort to remove the contractor's grade outlet that is in your residence

I do think there are much better wall outlets available than Pangea.
I would suggest Synergistic Research Red, Black, or Blue outlets, and the Furutech GTX-R outlets. They are often for sale used here at Audiogon and the Synergistic Research outlets are also sold new with a 30 day return policy. I would not hesitate to buy a used outlet to save money.

Elizabeth here at Audiogon has used and uses many Pangea products. She recently wrote of her positive experiences upgrading to Furutech outlets. Likewise, I have previously discussed Synergistic Research and Furutech outlets. 

If you pick from one of these two companies, I think most people will be very happy with the improvement in their system's sound.

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I would also add that PS Audio's outlets are worth considering as well. 
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I tried, as best I can remember the pangea mid-priced outlets a couple years ago. They used non-standard hardware. The screws for the AC cables were too short to grip 12 ga wire, so they would only work if back-wired. The screw for the cover was too big to fit the cover plate. I didn't finish trying to install and returned them for a refund.
I know a few people who swear by the Porter Ports.  I believe they are less than 100.00 each.  I use 2 Shunyata wall outlets on 2 dedicated lines.  As I use Shunyata power conditioners, it works well for me,
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I'm not sure why the Pangea outlet doesn't get much love here. Their $100 outlet is a great one for the money. I replaced a PS Audio outlet with it & it was an obvious improvement. 
+1 Boxer 12, I replaced two 3$ outlets this very week with two of the 50$
Pangea’s . Better sound with a death grip on PC’s .
Playing around with a Quattro Premiere 4 outlet Pangea ($100 on Azon) Have not changed the actual wall outlet yet. Good tip on Pass & Seymour MRI Grade!

Got it mainly for my non critical items that use wall warts. 
I have a Pangea Premier outlet. It's well made but I think the Leviton 8300 hospital grade outlet I have grips better. The Pangea keeps the plug in the outlet but the Leviton fells like it has more resistance when plugging or unplugging.

I've noticed huge improvements by upgrading power cables but I can't say I noticed anything different with the sound when I installed either of these. Granted, the Pangea was 20 bucks and the Leviton was less than 10.

I also use a Pangea Quatro XL and the clear Premier SE outlets in the Quatro are much better and grip much better than the regular Premier outlet in the wall.