Pangea AC-9SE vs AC-9

Is it worth to upgrade to the Special Edition?
A friend who has both AC-9s and AC-9SE power cords told me that the upgrade is well worth the difference. Haven't decided myself ... yet.
Please keep me posted! Thanks!
Can anyone say what the sonic differences are between the two?
I have a Mcintosh MC602 600 watt amp, and a C500T preamp plugged into a PS audio PPP. I was using AC-9's on all but the preamp. I tried replacing the amp power cable with an AC9 SE first. All I can say is that's all it took to get me back on the phone to replace the one on the PPP. I tried it on my C500T pre, and it brought more improvements compared to the Signal Audio Silver Resolution power cable.

The music just became more dynamic, clearer, and with deeper bass. It was a significant upgrade, and worth the price, in my opinion. I took up Audio Advisor on their upgrade plan where they give you half the retail price of the AC9 when you return it.

Finding a great power cable on the pre was most difficult. Most of what I tried (within similar prices) made the overall sound dull. The Signal Silver Resolution, despite being like an icepick in the ear on disc players and my dac, brought life to the music when used on the preamp. The AC9 SE further refines the sound (especially the bass) without making the sound dull. I'll still be revisiting the Signal when the AC9 SE has burned in adequately, but I think the Pangea will win out at this point.
Great for cheap cables.
I have moved from AC-9 to AC-9SE for my power amp (W4S ST 500) and appreciate the upgrade.
I liked and still like the AC-9 very much, only the SE version improved things noticeably. Tightened the bass and improved clarity across the spectrum without any drawback that I can detect.

I dare say that everyone will notice the sonic difference, the contentious point remaining only whether the difference is "for the better in their case" and is worth the extra cash.

For me, the sonic difference was in the right direction and the price difference well worth it.
Those with bright(er) systems might say that the AC9 is better, for its relatively looser bass will give the impression of more bass.

YMMV, but this goes without saying...
Can anyone tell me how flexible the Pangea AC9 is? Looking at pictures of this 7awg cable, it looks very rigid. I don't want to bend it a lot but my amp is about 14" from the wall. My current power cord is like a wet noodle so I think this would be a huge upgrade.
It's not very flexible, but with enough length you can wrangle it into tight spaces. It may put stress on components.
Thanks Erndog. Maybe I can move the rack out a little to help ease the tension.
Don't get the 0.6m version of the AC-9.

I have this between my dedicated 20amp audio circuit and my Power Dist system - it is NOT flexible and puts alot of strain on the wall circuit to get the plug to line up with the receptacle.

Get the 1.0m or longer.
I own the AC-9 and is a great cord for the price. A friend has the the SE and it indeed is stiffer but may sound better depending on the component.
I was the first responder on this thread and subsequently bought 3 of the SE version and like them better than the originals. I didn't note any difference in stiffness when I replaced the AC-9s with AC-9SEs.
Question is would the AC-9SE work well with my Anthem P5, even though the Amp doesn't have a ground prong.....need to upgrade power cord due to Amp placement in relation to my dedicated circuits...Thanks for the feedback in advance!
Interesting that everyone here says it's worth the $ to go to the se. I remember reading awhile back that Elizabeth has both also and felt it wasn't worth it. Hmmm....