Pangea 9se, Cullen Crossover or VH Audio Flavor 4

Which one for DAC and preamp?
Pangea 9SE is not for Dac or preamp. The 14SE is the version for source components.
I am a Pangea crazy. i use a pangea AC9SE on my VAC Standard Preamp, and my Bryston BP-26 preamp.
I do not use it on digital stuff. Tough I tried it. not as good on those for me.
I stuck the Pangea AC9SE on those preamps because it sounded best. Not because someone told me what it was 'made for'.
Pangea 9SE is best, but if any bends are involved I'd use VH4. Own both.
Yeah, for any who do not know the Pangea AC9 and AC9ES are very thick. They can be curved down to a 6" radius bend. the real trouble is rotation about their own axis.
If the AC plug and IEC plug do not accidentally line up, it is hard to rotate the AC9 and AC9SE about it's own axis.
For a cable less than 1.5 meters a 180 rotation (from one end to the other)is impossible without a lot of strain on the plugs.
I use two meter and longer Pangea AC9 And AC9ES.

The longer ones work better/ do better anyway..
While I have not heard the Pangea or the Vh audio, I did just buy a cullen crossover cable and this is an amazing cable. It has out preformed some pretty expensive cables that I have had in my system. It has tight deep bass and the highs are silky smooth. This cable pretty much does everything right and for the price it can't be beat
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Liz did a good job describing issues with short runs of 9 series Pangea cable...but I suspect you continue to intend the author Trollope and not trollop. Quite a different meaning.
No comments on cables. Ghosthouse; you have me smiling brother!!!

Novel idea here. If the cable is short(either too thick, radius issue or 180 problem), you can rotate the wall outlet 180 degrees with no ill effects so it will work, vice having to buy a 1.5 meter Pangea...I know of no inherent engineering issues with the outlet itself being flipped so long as your positive/negative wires in wall stay the same to outlet connectors.
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