panel sub woofers

magnepan introduced a prototype sub woofer made from a 20.1 driver and paired with one of their wall mounted speakers.

i found the presentation very satisfying. the "sub woofer" covered frequencies as low as 40 hz. perhaps it may not be considered a sub woofer, but rather just a woofer.

in any case, i suggested designing a sub woofer for their floor standing speakers. i was told that such a project is under consideration.

i bring this up to start a discusssion regarding the advantages/disadvantages of planar sub wooofers compared to cone-based drivers.

i was very impressed. personally, i think a planar sub woofer may create a more realistic presentation of bass frequencies than those generated by cones.
Panel speakers have typically had an advantage over many dynamic drivers in the areas of speed and linearity. Key design challenges would include how to deal with the large back wave (cancellation, reflection, reinforcement, etc.) and limitations on excursion as this acts to curtail lower frequency loudness. An interesting exercise that could bear unusual fruit.