panel speaker help

recently purchased the magnepan 1.6. . it's ok but, want more accurate instrumental timbre.

any ideas ?? i don't like hybrids and i won't consider mg 3.6s or 20.1 . no sound labs and no quads and no audio statitics. i am looking for fresh ideas--brands i am not familiar with.

Get earphones. No room effects.
Analysis Audio Loudspeakers USA.
If only the speaker you described existed! I agree that planar magnetic speakers (basically, Magnepan) don't have quite the transients of an electrostat (although the 3.6 and 20.1 have true ribbon tweeters -- you don't like those?)

You don't like hybrids? Neither do I, but you might just give a listen to the new Martin Logan Summit. It does have woofers, but they are now self powered, and the panel is constructed using a new automated technology that makes them more efficient using a smaller panel.

If you want to wait (not much longer now) the Apogee full-range ribbon is about to make a comeback under the ownership of a fellow in Australia. In their original incarnation, they were considered the best ever, and still are by many.

I can't really recommend any box speakers that do what a stat or ribbon can do. The one absolutely amazing exception IMO is the Eban X-3 or X-4 (currently reviewed in Absolute Sound) that I heard in Jim Aud's room (Purist Audio Design) at CES 2005. He's the only person I know in the US who has (had?) a pair! I kinda wondered what his buddy, Albert Porter thinks of them (I haven't heard the Dalis, Albert's current favorite.)

Their website is:
or in the US:

Or, you you could buy a used pair of Martin Logan CLS-IIz's or original Quad ESL 57's, and add a very fast sub (like my Martin Logan Depth.) See my system or Greg's system (Gregadd).

Well, those are my "ideas" -- I do understand the dilemma however ;--)
thank you nsgarch. i had heard the analysis audio speakers at the SHOW, January 2006. I was somewhat impressed. I then contacted the importer, a very nice gentlemen, and as a reviewer, i was offered a very good deal.

my concerns include thin distribution, speaker made in Greece, repair issues, stability of distribution if the current distributor decides to drop the line, binding posts on back of speaker and compatibility with amp.

the epsilon retails for $13200 and even with a deal its not small potatoes.

i guess i am on my own, but all i can do is bare my thoughts. that is the nice thing about this forum.
hi rx8man, did you audition the speakers at a dealer ?, if so, which one ?
Hi Mrt,

I did not audition these speakers, but merely suggested them as an alternative to the reference of your original thread.

However, I would strongly recommend you contact Graz at, he has resurrected the infamous speakers to which I'm most familiar with in my early audio days.

As far as pricing, that's something only he or his website could provide, Kmart blue light specials not guaranteed, a lot of time and effort go into these.

He apparently has a U.S. dealer in Virginia ( might be worth the trip.

Good luck and Happy Bird Day.
What amp are you using?
Maggies have much different personalities with different amps. Try pushing these with a pair of 200 watt parasounds and they will sound amazingly different/better than many lower powered more pretentios amps.
i find electrostats and apogees to present the timbre of instruments in a more realistic manner than other speakers. the original quad esl was especially adept at recreating the sound of an instrument, regardless of the electronics used.

magnepans have a lot of strong points, but timbral accuracy is not their most outstanding characteristic.
Yeh, pitch and tone (timbre?), or sound stage?

I don't have a great deal of experience with different speakers in my "listening" room, so take this with a grain of, OK.

I try to compare my 1.6's to the headphones I have (hard to beat decent headphones). I can create purer tones at the sacrifice of sound stage. I can create a better sound stage by sacrificing some tonal quality. I ended up with a balance between the two.

I mean these things (1.6's) are wonderful for the price. But my gosh, they change tremendously with break in, change character with any cable change, change character with an inch of movement in speaker or listening position (slight exageration, but not that far off). They change interaction with the "listening" room with temperature and humidity.

My basement "listening" room is odd. Almost "stadium" seating with an open end of 70'. Probably about as easy as it gets for not being extensively treated. I have a decent mid-fi SS setup (Arcam pre and power amps, Rega TT, and Nordost cables). I listen to bluesy rock and alternative, not necessarily the highest fidelity music.

The potential of that big sound stage intrigues me. I want to make it better. Bigger power? More sophisticated Pre & Amps? Different cables? More room treatment? Active crossover? 3.6's? I don't know the answer yet, but am enjoying the adventure and I am satisfied in the meantime (kinda contradictory isn't it).

So yes, timbre out of 1.6's is finicky. I don't mean to assume that you haven't, but (yeh, doesn't every stupid statement start with but), play with em' some more. You might yet find that happy medium!

Cheers and Good Luck,
Jim S.
Mrtennis...Your term "timbre of instruments" needs clarification. Different violins have different timbre. What is correct? I would like a speaker that distorts the timbre so that they all sound like Strads! But then, different Strads sound different.