Pandora through current home system

how is the best way to do this? I just want to run it through my system like an old seperate "tuner". I read the ads and they address "no pc required" . i think that this might be a nice way to have background music without changing cd's all day. what all id required, and a "down and dirty" how to do.
Thanks all.
I use a Squeezebox. Very effective.
A Squeezebox can be used to stream Pandora?
Absolutely. The Squeezebox comes pre-programmed to accept a variety of services, including Pandora, Rhapsody, Live365, Shoutcast, internet radio, etc. There's also services I've never heard of and various playlists, starions, and podcasts. It is an amazing device.
Once you set up the Squeezebox, it even shows the name of your Pandora stations. One of mine is my name and it shows up on the display of the Squeezebox -- Neil.
Thanks Neil. I didn't realize it was capable of that... I thought it would just stream the information I had ripped. More food for thought now!
Squeezebox is terrific. The better DAC is in it's 'Big Brother', the Transporter.
Pandora works great through Sonos. You don't even need the computer at all to setup new stations; everything can be done through the controller.
You don't need the computer to set up new stations through the Squeezebox, either. Once you set it up, the computer does not have to be on for internet content, as it is receiving through the router, which sits between the computer and the modem.
As for the Transporter, UncleJeff, I assumed the difference is the DAC. Is there any other advantage to the Transporter that you're aware of? I ask because I have the Squeezebox running into my Audio Logic DAC through a coax cable and assume that I wouldn't add anything with the Transporter. I just bought a stock Elpac power supply and intend to send it To Wayne at Boulder Cable for the upgrade and will probably have him do his magic on the Squeeze as well. What do you think?
Transporter's biggest feature over the Squeezebox is the DAC.

Also, it is the only piece of equipment I have ever seen that has an AES/EBU digital output that allows me to transfer the data to a really good second DAC(My Audio Aero Capitole) so I can send the signal to two rooms, using seperate volume controls

the Transporter also has both balanced and RCA analog outputs, another plus.

Both run on the same software, and if you are using your own DAC, the folks at slimdevices say the digital output is identical.

There are some hereabouts who have invested upwards of $1,400.00 into squeezebox upgrades. I have never had a chance to review these upgrades; I am very happy with the Transporter.
Thanks, Unclejeff. I'll see how the upgraded power supply works before doing anything else and stick with My A-L DAC
Definitely the Squeezebox. One of the best purchases I have ever made.