Pandora/Safari/Airfoil Question

I recently started listening to Pandora through my Apple TV using Airfoil software to redirect the stream from my Mac to the the ATV (thanks again for the tip Bluecirclehead!). Here's my issue. Once I am logged on to Pandora on my Mac, I can't open another window without interrupting the Pandora stream.

Pandora has a desktop application that bypasses Safari and allows me to listen to Pandora on my desktop while visiting other sites, but it's a no go if I want to listen to my main system using the Apple TV while surfing other sites.

I tried to figure out how to use Airfoil to capture the Pandora stream from their desktop application that seems to run in the background without success.

Any suggestions?
Have you tried using "Spaces"?
Thanks 4est. Could you elaborate? I am not familiar with "Spaces".

Thanks for taking the time to respond.