Pandora and Apple TV

I am probably the last guy to figure this out, but nevertheless I thought I would post my "discovery".

I have struggled trying to find a way to direct and control Pandora from a couple of Apple TV's. Thanks to a tip from a fellow Audiogoner, I purchased Airfoil several months ago and have since been able to open Pandora on my desktop and direct the Pandora stream to the Apple TV's. Only hitch is I would have to return to the desktop to change stations.

In another current thread on using Pandora with the Mac Mini, it was pointed out that there are a variety of VNC apps available on the the iTunes store that can be downloaded to an iPhone or iPod Touch that allow one to control the Desktop remotely.

This morning I downloaded a VNC app and got my iTouch hooked up with no trouble. Now I can access my desktop from the iTouch, open Pandora and Airfoil, and direct the Pandora stream as well as change stations, get album and artist info etc from anywhere in the house. Best of all, the the Pandora Desktop version now shows up with the full album cover, play time etc. on my Touch

The only downside is that Airfoil costs $25 and the VNC app I use was $10. But for $35 I am at last able to fully access Pandora from anywhere in the house.

I hope this of some help to some fellow Audiogoners.
I do something similar with a dedicated computer that I put together as a home theater PC (HTPC) running XBMC. There is an iPhone app to control XBMC within your home network, and it has a complete user interface so I can browse my entire library (all with complete album art on the iPhone screen) without even turning on the TV. I have to say, having nearly 200 GB of music at your fingertips is a powerful feeling.