Panasonic TC-P -- G 25 series plasma

Yes, I know this is an audio forum, and I've been a member for a long time, posting about my main system and related interests. But, I am now in the mood for a new large screen HDTV, and am particularly interested in the 2010 Panasonic G25 series (TC-P54G25). The video internet sites and forums are all in a tizzy about disappearing "black level quality" after a while. Do any of my audiophile buddies have any feelings about this ? I am just about ready to buy a new Panasonic plasma G25, and I'd like your opinion. Thanks a lot. Meanwhile, I'll go down to my music room and put some Sonny Rollins on the turntable. Happy Listening.
This from a review:
We were impressed with last year's NeoPDP panel in the G10 plasmas and the new series G25 offers improved picture with even deeper black levels.

I bought the 2009 G10 65" Panasonic Plasma and after professional calibration I have the best picture I've ever had.

According to a couple of reviews I've read, yours is better still.

I won't go into the whole ordeal I spent shopping for big screen but the short answer is the Pioneer Kuro seems to be #1 and the Panasonic is close behind.

Those that prefer LCD will disagree, you have to decide for yourself.
Kuro is gone. Panasonic starting building the Kuro panels for Pioneer until the end of the line.
The Panny plasmas just might offer the best picture quality value out of the box, BUT, the fading black level issue is daunting. After reading the reports of fading blacks, I started to visit the local retailers to see if their display models exhibited a noticeable difference. The display models are probably driven a lot harder than a home unit, but the the change from black to grey was quite obvious. I returned my 65" Panny plasma. If you can wait, rumour has it, that while the '10's should be a bit better than the '09's, the '11's might be much better in this regard.
What's a Panny?
The Pioneer is still the KING!
Panny = Panasonic.
Why not say Panasonic? I hope we have not come to the point on this site where we need baby talk quite yet.
wa-wa. It's an AV expression, like c-j is for conrad-johnson.
So, a Panasonic Plasma that falls, breaks and goes into the dump would be a Panny Waste?
Well, my wife and I went to two local TV stores (Best Buy and Ultimate Electronics) and spent a good amount of time looking at the big screen HDTV's. I've done a TON of internet research, and we're ready to make a purchase. My "three finalists" are the Samsung UNC 6000 series, the Sony NX-800 series, and the Panasonic G25 series. I'm pretty tired of reading all the nonsense about "Panasonic's black level problems," since I've spoken to about thirty people who have bought Panasonic plasmas in 2008, 2009, and 2010, and NOBODY has seen any worsening of the picture quality.

So, enough of my analytical thinking, and let's see what my wife thinks. To her eyes, it's easy.....the Panasonic G-25 plasma is so far superior to anything made by Samsung or Sony, that she doesn't understand why I'm stressing out about this. In her words...."just buy the Panasonic, and let's be done with all this stuff and enjoy a new TV."

I'll follow her advice, since she's also the one who discovered the beautiful synergy between Rogue Audio tubes and Vandersteen speakers, a while back when I was shopping for a new amplifier. So, Panasonic G-25 it will be, and I promise not to stress any more about black level quality.