panasonic sa-xr45 vs marantz sr-5400

I am trying to make a decision on which of these two receivers to buy-the panasonic sa-xr 45 (soon to be xr70) or the marantz sr-5400 or marantz sr-6300-would appreciate any comments on the pros and cons of each of these receivers-thanks

I have not heard the Marantz's, but I own a Panasonic SA-XR45 and it is VERY GOOD for the price! I picked mine up here used for $275 and it is a great bargain at that price. It is so good that I would bet 95% of the general public would conclude that it is the best they've ever heard. Of course, that's not saying much because 95% of the general public are "Audio Morons"!! But seriously, it is good. It is smooth sounding and has a lot of unique features like "party mode" for bi-amping a pair of speakers for double the power. It also is an ALL DIGITAL amp and if you use a digital source and use coax or optical input, it keeps the signal in the digital domain all the way through to the speaker outputs.

I have no idea if the Marantz's are digital amp technology, but if they are not, I would choose tha Panasonic.

BTW, My primary 2-channel setups are tube amp based and rather hi-end. The Panasonic is no match for my big rigs, but unlike many HT receivers I've owned, it is listenable, smooth and non-grainy. I could easily use it as my primary amp if necessary.

Also, Boulder Cable is now performing modifications on the Panasonic that take it to a whole new level and many who have heard it are considering selling off their expensive 2-channel setups to go with the mod'd Panasonic. Check this out at if you are interested.

Lastly, the Panasonic SA-XR45 is discontinued and out of stock nearly everywhere and is in high demand. People are bidding up the price of used ones too. Check out the "want to buy" ads here on A-goN.

The replacement XR50 will be out shortly, so you might want to wait.


I second Reubent's positive review of the SA-XR45. In my system, it really shows its capability when a digital signal is fed directly into the SA=XR45's digital input rather than an analog signal into its analogue input. The SA-XR45 will accept/read a 192 digital signal, e.g. a Phillips 963. Also, a good aftermarket powercord is essential, and the better the digital interconnect,the better the sound. BTW, I found the best price at J&R Music at $299, but I do not know if they have any left.
Just a note of correction. I believe the SA-XR50 is the replacement for the SA-XR25, the SA-XR45 will be replaced by the SA-XR70.
go for the marantz,,i prefer nad myself i have the t-761 ,,hence review here,,,forget about panasonic,,,mass produced crap is what it is,,crap..v

What rock did you crawl out from under?!! Have you heard of the digital amp revolution that is coming? Obviously not, or you wouldn't make comments like that.

The Panasonic SA-XR45, 50, etc. are a new bred of receiver that are very inexpensive to build/purchase, but offer excellent sonics. There have been more than a few posters at this and other audio sites that have given up their seperates in favor of an inexpensive digital amp and a decent DVD player as the source.

BTW, I wouldn't bet on your NAD actually sounding better than the Panny. It may have more power, but who cares if you choose a speaker with relatively high sensitivity? BTW, the Panny sold for about $300 new.

BTW, I owned the $2800 B&K AVR-202 previously and I own a big dollar 2-channel rig.

You might want to do some homework!


Most of the people that I hear agaist the new Digi amps are those that have a vested intrest on using conventional or have synergy issues with them.

They are remarkable value compared to what has come from Japan\orient in the way of A\AB receivers or other cheaply priced gear.

They act more like a Passive setup to me and there are always better things out there ,but at what cost?How many have the $$ to swap to get the best synergy. Many spend years. Till I find what I need for my particular setup then I will not lose out by using the Panasonic 45.

Remarkable as to how many discount them or do not do the proper setup and tweeks in order to get them to sing and do not really give them a chance. I really do not care that those that slam them as they lose.Money and quality sonic attributes for less.

While they can be sensitive to what is used with them they can sing given the right speakers. I found they work better with my 2-ways then my 3-ways.

Good luck on the hunt!
I would choose the Pany 45 over any other receiver bar none, if precise resolution from a digital source is your goal.
All others are very colored in comparison, and using a Pany receiver is a cheap way to hear something that is not colored for reference.
I just sent two of these 45's off to be fully modified at Reference Audio Mods East, and I will be using them in a 2-6 channel bi amped dual receiver configuration.

I also have owned the B&K 202,and most recently was using a Parasound halo c2 pre/pro whith a Legacy (Coda) 5 x 250 amp.
Thats 8k worth of H/T gear that was not as revealing as a single 45.
The higher priced combo had slam, and headroom to spare, and possibly better perceived midrange.
What to do...well I snatched a second 45 and daisy chained them together whith the digital out.
Most of the slam and headroom are back, the bass response is much improved, and the exacting highs are smoother also.

I no longer miss my old combo, except for its great non digitised analog ins for hi rez.
When I get my modified 45's back, I will be comparing to my modified Sim I-5 for analog use.

My all Scan Speak speakers whith revelators are all(5) 6 ohm 88db and sync well whith the stock 45's, using two improved matters greatly, and I am thinking nirvana for two modded 45's.

At least thats the plan.

The 45 falls way short of hi end whith analog sources stock imo, but with digital, its an amazing bargain.
I sold my XR-45 because I wanted something else for a try. I picked up a Marantz 7400 and realized I should have kept the XR-45. The XR45 outperforms the Marantz in every way. (I never turned up the volume to the max on either of them)

Now I have sold the Marantz after 3 weeks of trying to live with it, and it looks as if the XR-70 will replace it.