Panasonic DB-9000 Ultra Blueray Player

I bought Panasonic DB-9000 Blueray player knowing from the spec sheet saying it support Dolby Atoms & DTS master HD. When i hook up the player via hdmi to my Marantz AV8805 processor, I play a 4k 2160p MKV files with dolby atmos or DTS HD and the player say audio files is NOT SUPPORTED. Anyone has any ideas? please help
Someone over here might have more ideas about that.
It is likely a licensing issue restriction that is built into the Panasonic firmware when playing MKV media files.  It is likely that bluray players will not play these hi-res formats (Dolby Atmos / DTS HD) unless they are read from an actual bluray disc.
thanks for the reply guys, much you think firmware upgrade can fix this problem?
I doubt it.  Like I said, Hollywood gets really picky with these bluray audio formats and licensing restrictions on how they are played through a normal bluray player.  If you are using a computer for playback, then the software you use is likely not going to be as restrictive on what audio formats it will playback.
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Thanks for the input. Do u happen to have the link to the db-9000?