Panasonic BD30 BluRay Player a good transport?

I am simplifying my system and considering moving from a stand-alone CDP to using the BD30 BluRay as a transport and pair it with one of those high value DAC such as PS Audio, Benchmark, Lavry (another discussion). Will the BluRay player make a good 2ch transport - i.e. good enough to pair with the DACs? Thanks for all inputs.
I use my BD30 with a Theta Gen VIII da convertor.
Works great for the time being until the format wars settle.
There will always be wars and rumours of wars.
I own the BD30, but can't comment on its use as a transport since I use it exclusively for movies. My point in responding to your thread is to advise that I saw this player on sale at Sears today for $199. A STEAL at that price because its a very good blu-ray player.