panasonic 50 inch vs. hitachi 55

considering the panasonic th-50px60u vs. the hitachi 55hds69. room is 12.5 x 21.5, i will be sitting 12 to 14 feet from the screen. the 58 inch panasonic is a bit out of the price range. thanks. -dave
I own the 55 hitachi, its a wicked tv, no problems at all.
Will you care or even perceive a difference at a 12 to 14 feet viewing distance? Better visit the dealer and vary your viewing distance, if immersion in movies is a goal rather than casual viewing. The SMPTE and THX viwing-distance calculators suggest either of these is too small for a 12 to 14 foot viewing distance.

I also own the 55" Hitachi plasma and love it. I compared it directly (side-by-side) with the Panasonic 50" and felt the Hitachi picture was better. For the price and size range I think it's very difficult to beat Hitachi.
I compared the two and ended up with the panasonic. I think the picture if more vivid and lifelike on the panasonic, more like looking at a photo
Check out this link to see who is buying what. You will see the Panny's are the best rated plasma's on the planet. The 9UK, 60U and 600U Panny's use the same engine, but have different features. I sell the Panny's and have had excellent success with them. A great picture.

As for the Hitachi's. They do have a wonderful picture, but so do most HDTV plasma's. The Hitachi is one of the better one's out there, though.
If I'm not mistaken the Hitachi and Pioneer Elite plasmas are made in the same factory in Japan using virtually identical parts. Having said that, I believe the Pioneer Elite plasmas have the best PQ on the market. They also charge out the ying-yang for it too.
Im making the same decision...probally going wth the hitatchi...panny ook very clay like when the contrast ratio is bumped up...and thats what i plan to do with it... Also the hitatchi looks better off...which I know...I matters what it looks like when its on, not when its off. However believe there are many fctors involved, and when somone walks into the room, I want them to look at the screen and say "wow"...n expeced result with the Hitatchi 55"...i mean supposivly its like 35% more viewing area...a whole lot...a whole lot
The Hitachi 55 inch displays are going to be discontinued FYI. Just got back from CES. They are going to a 42, 50, 60 lineup.
If you haven't yet decided I would seriously consider the 50" Samsung HP-S5053. I have owned one for a few months now and it has a fantastic picture with a nice set of features. I did a lot of research and the Samsung was definitely the best in my price range. Best of luck!
My dad sits same distance as you do and bought the 58' might want to save and get the biggest best picture instead of buying what may be too small for your preference.
I'm a Panasonic owner for life. I've got the 6th generation 50 incher. PQ, black levels, colors are fantastic. Bought mine in 2004

With that said, ALL the plasmas now-a-days seem really nice - I can't see going wrong with the Hitachi either.