Panamax 4300EX or Monster Power Powerbar 1100?

Does anyone have any opinions on these budget surge protectors/ac filters? It looks like the Monster unit has a higher jule rating but the description of the Panamax says that the jule rating importance is minimized because of Panamax's AVM tecnology. I'm leaning towards the Panamax.
I guess I better throw the Belkin PureAV AP20800 into the mix also. It looks like a contender in this range as well.
You might want to see my review/responses under the discussion titled "Power Conditioners"
Thanks for the input,

I did read that review/thread earlier but am looking for more detailed info on the PureAV PF30, Panamax 4300-EX and Monster Power 1100. I actually have the Monster Power 1100 hooked up to my system now and a new in box PureAV PF30 waiting in the wings. Should I just stick with the Monster unit and sell the PF30 or hunt down a 4300-EX?

Thanks again.
oddly enough i just hooked up the pf30. i had TERRIBLE noise and hash coming through my speakers as well as awful digital cable tv reception(except for the hd channels which were stunning) and it rid my system of all the problems. the graininess and bluriness of the tv has been reduced significantly, the buzz and hum fom my speakers is gone, and the hd looks even better. initial thoughts on musicality are a bit too early to really be credable, but, my sub(ufw-10) seems to have more attack and deeper extenison. upper end possibley a touch rolled off, but dynamics are still strong and soundstage still deep and wide. everything is very "clear". hope this helps. i simply bought it for a quick fix to see if power conditioning would help the noise from my stereo. i planned on returning it after lear ning the results, but now i don't know...
I don't quite understand Belkin PureAV's product line. Specifically, the PFHD has the least outlets than anything at its price or lower. Does that mean that if I don't need any more outlets the PFHD offers it's the best and better than the PF30? I plan to use it on my living room tube tv, sat receiver, and dvd recorder only. The PFHD has Phase 3 HD pure filter technology. Does anyone know if it benefits my non HDTV tube CRT?