Panamax 1000+ Fails and cheaper unit sounds better

recently my panamax 1000+ surge supressor failed. I plugged my preamp and cd player and turntable which I kept on this unit into an inexpensive unit. my system sounded better. What Gives? are expensive power filters overrated?
What was the "cheaper" one? I've always had good results with most power conditioners, but never used a P1000+. The one I always found to be over-rated for sound was the Adcom ACE-515. I now use Vansevers and Audio Power, and have heard good results with Chang Lightspeed.
My Adcom ACE 515 actually sounds a little more "liquid" than some other PLC's that i have. I do know that it does not filter nearly as well though. Pops and ticks generated from other electrical equipment come right through the speakers when i use it but they disappear when i use the other filters.

With that in mind, maybe what some of the reviewers and golden ears say about "series" filters is true. The more filtering that you put in series with your components, the more life that it strips away from the music. Since the Panamax has more filtering than some of the other designs on the market, your ears and experience may confirm that point of view.

I've been playing with parallel filters ( Quiet Lines, etc... ) and will soon be building some that David Magnan suggested. That is, when all the parts finally show up. None the less, i don't know how willing i am to expose all of my components to the perils of what comes directly out of the wall sockets.

Anybody ever play with putting a MASSIVE amount of MOV's at the mains of their house ??? Sean
Keep in mind that the Panamax, Monster, Adcom are at the low end of power products. So Panamax is already a "cheap" unit in relation to many well regarded power conditioners.
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I agree the panamax doesn't do a thing, but at the time it was cheap and serves as 'extra' protection(electric storms are frequent up here). Though I can't really coment on any change in the audio performance.