Palm Beach Area Record Stores

I am traveling to Palm beach in a few weeks and would appreciate any recommendations. I looked on google and saw a few stores with good reviews listed below. Thanks for any suggestions and comments

Jim Perry

Palm Beach Vinyl
West Palm Beach, FL · (561) 247-2703

Rust & Wax Record Shop
West Palm Beach, FL · (561) 660-4675

Top Five Records
Lake Worth, FL · (561) 313-9387
I live here in WPB, collect vinyl, but can't say that the local record store scene excites me.  Rust & Wax is the only one on your list that I have purchased from.  My interest is jazz.  Selection here is limited at least for that genre, prices are somewhat high using Discogs for reference.
I live in WPB. I’ve been to the last two you mentioned several times. Rust and Wax is pretty decent and give good trade in value for your used albums. Selection is good.
Top five is a cash only store.  Best for excellent used albums. There is also confusion records in Riviera Beach on the north east side of town. Quite disorganized and you have to earn your selections by digging through piles of albums. Large selection though.
Best stores are in Ft Lauderdale area. RadioActive on the east side of town and We got the Beats (2 locations on the west side of town)
Check out this 12ax7 tube face off from 1999. The Raytheon (Baldwin)I speak of, received the highest rating with a score of 98! It’s the one that says Raytheon 12ax7 long black pate 1950s. This applies to the early 60s version too. Mine are from 1961.