Pairings with Audio Refinment Pre-2DSP or Multi-5

Considering 5 channel system upgrade with one or both of these Audio Refinement products. Are these two best paired together or are there other A'goner's who have put together combinations with 'synergy'?
My main concern is 5 channel music, but system will do play movies ~1/3 of time. Current system Front end is Marantz DVD 6400 and Athenas FS-2 R/L, C1 Center, B2 SR/SL, no Sub.

Thanks for any opinions or advice.
The processor is top notch. THe amplifier is very good. Not neccesary to match the two though. Both are discontinued and Audio Refinement no longer exists though. YBA (the parent company) has replaced it with YBA Design brand. Teh pre/pro is not out yet but on the board are; integrated amp (available), CDP (available), pre/pro, 7ch amp, integrated surround sound processor/amplifier, and a universal player.