Pairing speakers with Sansui G6000

Hello everyone,
The great advice is greatly appreciated.  
Can you give me a few suggestions of which speakers you all feel would pair well with the Sansui G6000?
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my auto-answer to all vintage receivers to pair with B&W DM602. They are best for vintage audio units!
I can't imagine the Sansui SP series not mating well with your amp .
The SP-7700 are luscious with my older pioneer receiver .

Good luck
DM602 s1 s2 s3 ? Thanks
I was speaking of original DM602 started in 2002. I don't know how later models are better or different. The original DM602 is priced somewhere in low hundreds near $150 per pair used.
What's everyone's feeling on the AudioTechnica ATLP120?