Pairing Plinius 9200 with Dynaudio Focus 140?


I am currently using an Arcam A32 integrated amplifier with Dynaudio Focus 140 standmount speakers. The CD player is a Marantz SA-15S2 SACD player and the radio is a Magnum Dynalab. I listen mostly to jazz and classical (baroque) music.

I have been using the equipment for 6+ years now and have actually been very happy with the equipment, though admittedly I bought them all second hand without hearing other equipment / combinations.

I recently came across an opportunity to buy a Plinius 9200 integrated amplifier and I am wondering if it would be a good match with the Dynaudios and represents a worthwhile / noticeable upgrade from the Arcam A32 which has received favourable reviews.

I am not keen on buying and selling gear for the sake of it, so would only be interested in buying the Plinius if it represents a noticeable step up in quality. Obviously, the Plinius is much more powerful than the Arcam (Dynaudios apparently like power), but I am not sure if it would be a good match with the Dynaudio in terms of sound character (warm vs clinical).

If anyone has any experience or thoughts, I would be grateful if you could share them.

Many thanks.
I know several floks who mate Plinius electronics with Dynaudio speakers to good effect. In fact this seems to be a very popular combination. Yes, the Danes do love power, I would think this would be a worthwhile upgrade.
I would concur w/jm's sentiment...they love power and its always been a solid match...
I once used a Plinius 8200 mkii with a pair of 140's with pleasing results. The 9200 should sound great